Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Monitoring Employees

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Monitoring Employees

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July 16th, 2023

Employee monitoring is now practiced by all companies. This ensures the productivity and discipline of employees. Knowing that they are being monitored makes them work sincerely. With the appropriate employee monitoring software, businesses can monitor their employees’ activities on their Mac devices, ensuring that they are not wasting time or engaging in any activities that could jeopardize the company. By using employee monitoring software for Mac, employers can gain valuable insights into how their employees are performing and make better decisions regarding resource allocation and team management. So what are the tips and tricks that employers can use for monitoring their employees? Well, you can start by installing OgyMogy i.e. the most suitable application for spying your employees.

OgyMogy is a platform-independent application and can run on any kind of system; an android or a mac. It provides you all kinds of features like call recording, screen recording, camera and microphone control, etc. so that you can track the communications and activities of your employees. Below are the top 5 tips and tricks for monitoring employees that you can use for staying above the employees without them knowing. So, let’s go!

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Monitoring Employees

Listen to Voice Recordings

The first tip is to listen to all the communications and the recordings of your employees. Nowadays, social media platforms let you record messages so that you don’t have to text and this feature is now used by everyone as it’s easy to record messages instead of texting them. Employees also send important notifications or meeting calls via voice recordings but it’s also possible that they are using these recordings to record some personal meetings or private conversations about the company. So, it’s best to listen to all these recordings and OgyMogy can help you do this. It provides you access to all these recordings which are saved on the personal devices of your employees. It tells if an employee is planning something against the company. An amazing option that it provides is that it helps you reload the deleted recording too so that you have full control over the records of your employee. So, don’t hesitate and install it as it’s the best application for spying your employees.

Control Camera and Microphone

The world has changed drastically due to the latest technologies. Today, anyone can spy by just installing a few sets of codes and this sounds scary but this technology has also helped companies and organizations to spy their employees for any suspicious activity. OgyMogy is one of a kind spy application that lets you control the camera and microphone of all personal devices of your employees. It’s necessary because valuable information can be leaked by sending voice recordings or images so what it does is that it provides you complete control over the camera and microphone. It lets you know about the working habits of your employees and also lets you know about how they are spending their business hours.

Scroll the Social Media Accounts

Another tip of monitoring your employees is scrolling their social media accounts. It tells you how employees feel about working in your organization. It can notify you about any kind of suspicious communication. Scrolling social media can also tell you that how much time they are spending on social media while they are working. OgyMogy has one of the best features for this i.e. that it provides remote access which lets you scroll through all social media platforms, chats, and recordings of your employees remotely.

See their Texts

Employees are addicted to texting as their working hours leave no time for long calls etc. This means that their text records can provide you a complete record of their hidden intentions. These may include selling the company secrets or forwarding official documents to the competitors etc. All these can be monitored by using the OgyMogy application. It lets you see all text records of your employees so that you can easily access the outgoing texts.

Browse their Folders

You get notified that one of the employees downloaded the company files from the database and you are suspicious about some employees but you cannot investigate them as you have no evidence. What to do in this case? Well, you need some smart applications like OgyMogy to explore the personal computers or smartphones of those employees. Well, don’t worry, as it provides you complete control on all the folders of your employees and also retrieves the deleted documents.

A few of the tips and tricks are discussed above for monitoring the employees and the best smart solution is the OgyMogy spy application.

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