Personalization for IPTV/OTT Video Streaming Services

Personalization for IPTV/OTT Video Streaming Services

Written by Alison Lurie, In Technology, Published On
February 16, 2023

With technology development, viewers get more sophisticated when choosing a video streaming service to stick to. They seek a better experience – which means the OTT or IPTV solution for streaming platforms should be capable of meeting their demands. People are becoming more selective when they look for a video streaming platform to subscribe to.

Content providers should offer viewers a new experience to save the user base. Otherwise, creators risk losing customers.

Personalization is one of the ways to keep the retention rate stable. Let’s give it a closer look.

What Is Personalization?

Personalization refers to a specific set of features aimed at tailoring experiences for users of a video streaming solution. It helps meet a person’s individual preferences and requirements.

Personalization may take different forms depending on the decisions of a content provider. For example, you might offer viewers to use a recommendation engine or take advantage of multiple profiles.

Let’s observe why personalization matters.

Why Is Personalization Important?

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Opting for personalization functionality can bring a video streaming business a lot of benefits. The main of them are:

Understanding your audience

Personalization can help a content provider understand their audience better and deeper. It allows them to clarify viewers’ current interests and needs. Moreover, understanding your audience’s preferences allows providers to divide viewers into groups and meet their needs more specifically.

Without that understanding, creators cannot predict the possible result of their updates, publications, and other actions.

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Boosting brand loyalty

People appreciate getting offers that suit their interests. Having information about customer interests can help you create individual offerings. Companies that opt for personalization build trust relationships with their viewers.

When viewers understand that they will get what they want and need using a particular service, they tend to turn into regular customers. For a business, it means a higher user retention rate and more revenue.

What Features Can Help a Content Provider Create Personalized Experiences?

A content provider can create an individualized experience almost in every aspect of a video streaming service. For example, let’s take content.

When you understand your audience, you can create different collections of videos based on the groups of viewers you have and their preferences.

Furthermore, the right OTT solution provides you with a recommendation engine. It will offer video recommendations to users based on their viewing history and interests. A recommendation engine is time-saving as people don’t need to look for a video to watch. They have offerings they might like.

Providing the possibility to choose on what device to watch videos is also a contribution to personalization. We can watch videos on smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, and computers. Different viewers will choose different platforms. One can appreciate an opportunity to consume content on a big Smart TV screen in HD or 4K, and the other will consider a smartphone enough.

Such features as ad-free content, subtitles, payment methods, adding to favorites, and others allow people to decide how they want to use your video streaming service. Multiple purchase plans bring them the ability to choose a suitable model. For example, some people appreciate subscriptions, and others don’t mind watching ads. They could be viewers that prefer paying for one video at once or downloading them on their devices.

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Final Thoughts

Personalization is vital for a business now as it helps meet viewers’ demands more accurately. As a result, people are more satisfied with their interaction with a service. They tend to continue using a video streaming service that offers a tailored experience to them. Consequently, a business has strong relationships with customers, a large user base, and high revenue.

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