Penetration Testing – Everything You Need To Know

Penetration Testing – Everything You Need To Know

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
October 28, 2022

It is no secret how we all are highly dependent on technology for our daily life chores. Whether you want to shop for clothes, just want grocery items delivered to your house, or want to pay bills; everything is available online. The evolution of technology has benefited all of us but the most fruit is enjoyed by businesses and brands. Starting your brand has never been easier before as you can just establish a business online and high chances are that your business will perform as well as a store.

However, as the use of the internet becomes more of a necessity than just a shortcut, cyber crimes have skyrocketed.

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Why Is Cybercrime More Common Now?

In 2022, cybercrime reached an all-time high. The damages of cyberattacks in 2022 alone have been $6 trillion. This is an alarming rate but let me simplify it even more. Every 13 seconds, there is a cyber attack occurring in some parts of the world.

What is the reason behind it?

Most cybercriminals are easily available on the dark web which was once hard to access but is not anymore. Anyone can access the dark web and easily find criminals who will be willing to perform cyber attacks for their client’s vendetta. This makes hacking easy as a person who cannot harm you himself will just hire someone else to do it for them.

However, to our relief, cybersecurity professionals have also been working day and night to figure out more ways to protect data from external interruptions. So, no matter what type and size of business you have, you can get it secured quite easily. The most popular method nowadays that protects your data from future interruptions is the penetration testing method.

This method includes releasing malware to your systems under controlled and supervised circumstances to see where your systems’ vulnerabilities lie. Once the professional detect the breaches and vulnerabilities, the professional then strengthens your system and reinforces these openings. For the best services, choose penetration testing solutions by Loop Secure. The company is guaranteed to give the best results with the help of highly trained professionals who are experienced in their fields.

What Are Some Ways My Data Could Be Attacked?

If you are still not taking cyber attacks seriously, you need to be aware of the type of threats your data is exposed to.

  • Malware

Malicious software is software installed on your device without the owner’s consent. This software may leak the data on the device to the hacker or hold your data as ransom.

  • Phishing

The use of emails to illegally gain access to systems by copying or using a trusted source’s address is called phishing. Phishing attacks are, to this day, the second most common and easiest type of cyber attack.

  • Dos Attack

A denial of service attack refers to a hacker getting into the system through phishing or malware and then locking the owner out of their own system. The hacker will lock your data by encrypting it and will only allow access when the owner pays a certain amount.

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