Location by Phone Number – Best Google Maps Trick 2023

Location by Phone Number – Best Google Maps Trick 2023

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November 9, 2023

How to Track Someone’s Location with Google Maps – Only the Phone Number Needed

This article was created for everybody currently trying to figure out how to track someone’s location with phone number and wondering if the Google Maps app could be used for this purpose. We dug into this topic for you to find out if the GPS location of the target phone could be checked by the tool and what steps have to be taken to receive the needed information.

In addition, we will talk about one third-party app – GEOfinder, that could help you to track phone number location within a few clicks as a great alternative to any other location-tracking method, including Google Maps.

Is Using Google Maps and Phone Number a Legit Method to Track Someone’s Location?

The Future of Location-Based Services

If you suddenly need to locate a phone by number only, Google Maps is the first thing that comes to mind if you don’t have any third-party apps installed. The good news is that even if GPS location tracking is not advertised as the main feature of Google Maps, it works perfectly and will allow you to track current location and be used as a free phone tracker.

This method is simple yet requires time, preparation, and a clear understanding of how Google tools work to be successful. Worry not, we will do our best to explain everything in detail.

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In summary, Google Maps determines location by using GPS, Wi-Fi, cell towers, and internet connectivity. It then combines this data and presents it to you on a map, making it a powerful tool for navigation and location-based services.

It’s important to note that this information can be controlled and customized by the user to protect their privacy and determine how and when your location data is shared. This is the reason for Google Maps location tracking to be successful only if the person you want to track agrees and approves the monitoring and must share their location voluntarily.

Locating a Phone Number: 5 Important Reasons to Track Someone’s Location

Knowing how to track someone’s location with phone number on Google Maps is nothing without understanding the main reasons for location monitoring. Tracking someone’s location via their phone and GPS can be a sensitive matter, but there are multiple valid reasons for tracking someone’s location. Here are five legitimate reasons for tracking someone’s location:

Reason 1: Safety and Security – people may track the location of their children for safety, track elderly family members with dementia or Alzheimer’s, or monitor the location of a friend or family member in potentially dangerous situations.

Reason 2: Looking for Lost or Stolen Device – phone owners may try not only locating a lost or stolen phone, recovering the device itself, but also protecting personal data from falling into the wrong hands.

Reason 3: Emergency Services Communication – emergency services could use location data to dispatch assistance quickly in life-threatening situations.

Reason 4: Personal Well-Being – some people are tracking location for fitness and health-related apps to monitor their exercise and health progress.

Reason 5: Business Purposes – employers may track employees’ locations within the scope of their job for work-related tasks and safety.

Phone Location with Google Maps – Step-By-Step Instruction

The Future of Location-Based Services

Coming back to the actual method of using Google Maps to find someone’s location by phone number, we should warn you that it requires one-time access to the target phone. As we mentioned before, this way to track someone’s location with a phone number requires preparation ahead, so make sure to do it with the target device as fast as possible.

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When you have the mobile phone in your hands, follow the simple instructions provided below:

  • Open Google Maps and make sure that the target person is signed in to their Google account.
  • Tap on their profile picture or the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the menu.
  • Find and select “Location sharing” from the menu.
  • In the “Location sharing” section, choose a contact to share the location with. Find your profile – do this by entering your email address or selecting a contact from the contact list.
  • Once you’ve selected a contact and set the time frame, tap “Share”. You’ll then be asked to confirm your choice.
  • As an alternative, you may send the generated link to your chosen contact – yourself – via a messaging app or email. Then, you can open the link on your device to see the real-time location of the target person on Google Maps.

GEOfinder – The Best Phone App to Track Cell Phone by Phone Number


As promised, we will tell you a bit about how to find someone’s location by phone number using a third-party service – GEOfinder. The beauty of this method is that it doesn’t require any preparation; it’s not time-consuming or complicated compared to Google Maps location tracking.

GEOfinder is one of the best apps to track any cell phone by its phone number, and it was specifically created to give you the exact location of the needed person as fast as possible. This method works by using links that are generated by the program and shared as a part of the message sent to the phone number of the targeted person. You will get access to their location right after they click on the link to share it with you. Simple as that!

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To start using the tool, go to the website, create an account, and pay for the subscription. The monthly price for the GEOfinder is only $39.99, and you can use it without any limits. Right after you finish the previous steps, all that you need to do is enter the phone number into the search bar and pick the message that you want to send. The text could be changed; just make sure to leave the link as a part of it for the tool to work correctly.

GEOfinder can be used on all devices, as it doesn’t require installation and doesn’t require any previous tech experience or being tech-savvy. This is a great solution that you should consider if you need to track someone’s location quickly and anonymously.

Tracking Location with Google Maps – Conclusion

We hope that this article explains how to locate someone by their phone number enough for you to follow the instructions if needed. We are positive that location tracking is important, and exact information about it could save lives, bring back expensive devices, and ensure someone’s well-being. Please remember, though, to be very conscious of private space and make sure that you are using it only with good intentions at heart.

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