Keeping Kids Safe: Why Every Parent Needs a GPS Smartwatch

Keeping Kids Safe: Why Every Parent Needs a GPS Smartwatch

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May 25th, 2024

With the continued rise of technology, many parents have allowed their children to interact with it as a communication, entertainment, or learning platform.

In the modern era, teenage kids have greatly benefited from technology, and there is a vast difference between children who interact with technology and those who don’t. However, children’s technology and increased online access pose potential risks such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. Therefore, every parent must adopt a strategy that will help them monitor their children. Find My Kids has launched the most recent and practical application that will help many parents keep their children safe.

Millions of parents are already using the organization’s parental control application to help them monitor their kids and ensure their safety. The application is downloaded on the child’s phone or connected to their GPS watches. Find My Kids parent application has unique features that ensure online safety and health for your children. The features include:

Why Every Parent Needs a GPS Smartwatch

GPS smartwatch

  • Location Notifications

Every parent must know their children’s whereabouts. In the past, parents have been in a panic and frustrated when their children failed to arrive at their destinations at the right time. Thanks to technology, this is no longer a cause for alarm. The Find My Kid application will help you overcome this anxiety, as you will receive notifications on your child’s exact location. You will receive notifications when your child comes home, goes to school, or visits any set location.

  • Location History

Current economic status calls for busy schedules for one to earn a living. In most cases, parents have been held up and have hardly had the time to know where their children have been all day. They have, therefore, been left in uncertainties of not knowing whether their children followed the proper routes and where they have been all day. Find my kid’s application has the best feature that will allow you to track your child’s location history. It allows you to see the detailed history of locations for the day so that you know where they walk and the routes they follow, and thus, they can advise accordingly.

  • Listen to What is Happening Around Your Child

Children can sometimes be naughty; reaching them through their phones can be an uphill task. They will intentionally ignore your calls if they think they are in places you warned them against. Find My Kids will help you as a parent to listen to what is happening in their environments when they don’t answer your calls or are in bad company. However, this function isn’t available if the child uses an iPhone.

  • An SOS Signal From Your Child

Find My Kid’s application allows you to receive an SOS signal from your child. Times are changing, with kidnapping and child trafficking on the rise. The application developers have considered this. If your child is in danger and cannot call you, you will receive a notification of their exact location, and your child’s phone will begin to record its surroundings.

  • App Statistics

Children can be overly obsessed with technology and spend most of their day on their phones. Parents need to track the time their children spend on their phones. Monitoring is crucial as it helps you keep tabs on how they use the phone and advise accordingly. Find My Kids ensures the mental safety of your kids by helping you find out how much time your child spends on their phone and what applications they visit daily, weekly, and monthly.

In addition, the parental control application has a GPS watch, which can be used to find the exact location of your kid, make calls, send messages, listen to the sound around, take photos from the watch and an SOS button. However, it has the following additional features:

  • Allowlist

GPS smartwatch will help you as a parent limit the number of people who can access your child through calls. Only family members and friends can call your child.

  • Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant

Children can sometimes be clumsy, and you might be afraid they won’t be able to use the smartwatch long enough. However, for my kids, the GPS smartwatch resists spills and splashes from everyday liquids.

  • Improved Rechargeable Battery

It has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 24 hours of active operation time.

It is all you require for parental peace of mind for my kids. Parenting in this digital age can sometimes be an arduous experience, but Finding my kids will make it easy for you.

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