How Can Meeting Room Sensors Support Office Space Management?

How Can Meeting Room Sensors Support Office Space Management?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
July 6, 2022

The covid-19 pandemic has reinforced our belief that human health and life is of the utmost importance. Today, maintaining social distance is one of the key preventative measures we can take in our daily lives. Sometimes it can be difficult, but it’s worth going the extra mile to protect our health. Meeting room sensors are one of the tools that help to do it.

Beacons as a tool for maintaining social distance

Keeping an appropriate distance between employees is one of the little-known applications of Bluetooth technology, which is particularly important in closed office spaces. The time of the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown us how important it is for employees to have the space to freely and safely perform work duties. Using beacons and meeting room sensors can help your specialists maintain safe distance from coworkers and protect their health.

How to use meeting room sensors to avoid crowded spaces?

By using beacons, you can protect yourself against the Covid-19 virus. Modern meeting room sensors not only tell you about the number of people in the room, but also provide you with information about the temperature, humidity, and air quality in the room. This use of BLE technology minimizes the risk of getting sick at work and encourages the organization of meetings in conference rooms. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how important it’s to maintain proper social distance. Forunately, by using radio technology for indoor positioning you can take care of employees health.

Help employees make data-driven decisions

Imagine a situation where your employees can use a mobile app to determine how many people are in the office, which seats are occupied, and what rooms their teammates are in. This allows them to decide for themselves whether they want to work remotely or show up in the office.

Such an intelligent solution supports social distancing and minimizes the risk of forcing employees to stay in overcrowded rooms. This way, you can see how benefiting from special meeting room sensors, tags, and wristbands to take your office space management to the next level.

The takeaway

While tracking employees in the office may evoke extreme reactions, everyone will probably appreciate the fact that business owners do their best to create friendly and safe work environments. Using meeting room sensors to monitor the occupancy helps to prevent situations where too many people are in the office and don’t have the right conditions to work.

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