Facebook Interest Targeting Tool for Beginners in 2023

Facebook Interest Targeting Tool for Beginners in 2023

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Technology, Published On
October 22, 2020
Last modified on December 1st, 2022

As a beginner, one of the best ways to target your audience is by using their interests. Facebook interest targeting allows you to target people that specifically interested in your products or a subject related to your services/products. The fun part is that you can target these interests with a Facebook interest targeting tool. And there are a lot of Facebook interest targeting tools you can get started with.

In this article, you will, as a beginner, learn how to use a Facebook interest targeting tool to target your audience. Better yet, we’ll be reviewing some Facebook interest targeting tools you can get your hands out. Brace yourself, and let’s get to business.

List Of Facebook Interest Targeting Tool for Beginners –

(1)Interest Explorer

This Facebook interest targeting tool reveals thousands of hidden interests. And the juicy part is that you can target a handful of audience interests unknown to your competitors. This tool allows you to outsmart your competitors and save time on researching several interests. Plus, you can boost your ROAS. You see, when you enter a keyword in the targeting section of Facebook Ads Manager, it only brings down 25 interest suggestions. Now, these suggestions are shown to 7 million advertisers, and the only option you’re left with is how much you can spend on ads.

As a beginner, this won’t go well, as you’re likely to have a limited ad budget. The best way out of this trap-hole is by leveraging a Facebook interest targeting tool like Interest Explorer. This tool harnesses Facebook’s API to uncover interests that most advertisers can’t see. Plus, it can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to run ads for e-commerce or local businesses.


AdTargeting provides a large number of keywords to reveal hidden interests and Google keywords. This tool allows you to compare the audience differences between two interests or compare the differences between two keywords to choose the one that best suits the product. And it provides insight into classifications and lists of interest or keyword to grasp industry hotspots and trends. In a word, AdTargeting can help you max the ROI of Facebook marketing targeting and precisely targeting the audience and steal competitors’ traffic.

An advantage that cannot be ignored for a beginner is that AdTargeting is completely free.

You can also complete the required tasks and get more access permissions, such as invite 3 friends or write a 500-word Q&A on quora to get a 30-day pro plan for free!


Adintelligence is also an insane tool you can use to skyrocket your ROAS. Asides the fact that you can see hidden interests, you can also see how previously run Facebook ads have fared. Adintelligence is well-focused on Facebook Ads Library, which gives you tremendous leverage. You can quickly filter and sort through numerous ads and see which one performed successfully. You can sort by audience size and bookmark your favorite ones.

With this Facebook interest targeting tool, you can conveniently track other e-commerce ads.

You can have a sneak peek into the products that are being tested. In summary, Adintelligence doubles as an Ad spy as well as a crazy interest targeting tool.


Connectio is one of the best tools any beginner can use to run successful ads. Connectio comprises a range of products, one of which is ConnectExplore. ConnectExplore is a Facebook interest targeting tool that allows you to access hyper-targeted interests. These hyper-targeted interests have been pre-analyzed so you can rest assured that there is no guesswork involved.

Plus, you can further filter these audience interests to determine the hungriest interests available. This way, you are less likely to be wrong as you can run hyper-targeted ads with laser-focused precision. Again, ConnectExplorer will be quite handy for beginners who are experiencing challenges with their Facebook interest targeting. This tool halves the time you’ll spend researching for target interests.


Audiencebuilder is super-efficient when it comes to interest targeting. This Facebook interest targeting tool is multifunctional as it can be used to filter and segment audience interests. How? It comes with a segment tab that allows you to separate specific subscribers from either the whole population or the filtered one. This means that you can segment audiences based on their core interests and immediate demands.

Audiencebuilder allows you to build detailed audience segments. This feature is most beneficial to mobile marketers as they can target users effectively. The good side is that your audience can get detailed as you want. You can target them based on – the day of installation, type of device, and many more filter options. Plus, your audience updates automatically as your user base expands. With Audiencebuilder, you can target the right users with exclusion retargeting.


If you’re starting out as a beginner, AdCostly is one of the efficient Facebook interest targeting tools you can lay your hands on. This Facebook interest targeting tool does more than interest targeting. It also acts as a spy tool as you can see your competitors’ ads as well as keywords that can make optimize your ads. Better yet, you’ll be able to discover the secrets involved in running costless ads as well as your competitors’ CPA/CPA price.

You can optimize your campaign by viewing different location indicators. Besides, you can keep track of recent trends and make decisions based on sudden changes. Fortunately for you, AdCostly allows you to analyze interest keywords, especially when it concerns Facebook audience insights.

On the good side, AdCostly allows cost analysis of different areas, periods, placement, and CTA. You also get to filter data according to your needs.

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