Mindful Tech Use: Balancing Digital Convenience with Sustainability

Mindful Tech Use: Balancing Digital Convenience with Sustainability

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Technology, Published On
November 21, 2023

The way that the planet has changed in the last 100 years is incredible. The advancement of technology has changed so many things about this planet that we live in. If you want to be confident that your use of digital technology isn’t also wreaking havoc on the earth, take time to consider the following ideas for more mindfulness in your use of technology:

Look Into Company Practices

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One of the first things that you should do when seeking to make eco-conscious decisions in terms of technology use is to look at the company’s practices. Are they working within fair trade guidelines and practices? What kinds of materials are used in their devices?

Do they have a reputation for doing good for the planet and in the community? It’s important to look beyond the product when choosing to use digital convenience with sustainability in mind. There are many ways that big-name companies are harming the

planet, so it’s important to take notice. While brands may not be perfect, they should at least be doing the bare minimum in terms of environmental practices, so that’s something to consider when looking into using new technology.

Recycle electronic devices

As you finish using one device and are ready to make room for new technology, don’t be so quick to just throw away that old device. Make sure to do your research on how and where your devices can be recycled.

You could get the older device fixed to be used by a family member who would be happy using older devices or technology. Whatever you do, make sure you’re not just contributing to toxic waste when it comes to your old devices that you’re no longer using. There are plenty of people who would be happy to use them.

Invest in energy-saving technology


Beyond the personal devices or technology that you may be using, think about the ways that you could also save energy while living in your home. This may look like installing new doors or windows that help keep your home cool, warm, and insulated. Maybe even consider investing in solar panels or looking into new energy plans with sustainability in mind. There are countless ways to do your part within your home to save money and save energy. While these things may be an initial investment, they can end up saving you a lot of money.

Use battery-saving options

The more that you have to plug in your devices, the less energy you’ll be saving. While not always possible, if you can seek out products with a long battery life and use settings that keep your device’s battery going for as long as possible, the better it will be for your devices and also for the planet.

Using less technology and devices can also help you make a larger impact. The more things that you have plugged in at home, the more potential you have for energy-wasting practices. So beyond just your techy devices, also think about home appliances and if you could be using less in your home to do more for the planet.

Think before you buy


It’s really easy to buy a new phone because it’s purported to be a better option. Better cameras and faster charging are reasons people might replace their old phones. Cool features draw us in. Multiple devices may have us interested in replacing a perfectly good phone or device. While we may be attracted to what’s new, the truth is that it’s not doing much for our planet. Living off-grid may not be your cup of tea, but do you need to be so attached to the grid?

In Conclusion

As you seek to do more for the environment, think about the way that you use technology. You could be doing more with less or learning how to do more with the technology that you do need.

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