Data Science in today’s world

Data Science in today’s world

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
October 7, 2021

In recent years Data Science has emerged as the most popular sought-after job domain in the industry. In a recent report, LinkedIn pointed out that Data Science has dominated the job rankings with 37% hiring growth in the last three years alone. Data Science is becoming more popular day after day while revolutionizing every industry. 42% of the IT workforce in India will need upskilling or reskilling by 2025.

Data Science in today’s world

  • Importance of Data

To understand the importance of Data Science, one needs to understand the need for data; it is raw gold for organizations. Data helps businesses understand customer behavior and save time and money. With efficient use of data, both money and time can be saved. With proper utilizing and understanding of Data, a company can generate more leads without spending a ton on advertising.

  • Importance of Data Science

Although data is considered raw gold, it is useless if not converted into meaningful and valuable information. Data Science decodes large meaningless data sets into meaningful data while identifying hidden patterns and extracting vital knowledge. We all use Data Science in our daily activities like asking Google, Siri, Alexa for recommendations.

Data Science is a mixture of Computer Science, Statistics, ML, AI, Predictive Analysis, and new technologies.

  • Why is Data Science important?

Global data is predicted to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Data Science helps businesses to decode data from different sources and give valuable insights needed for the growth of the company. There is no industry now that does not use Data Science. Marketing, healthcare, finance, banking, policy work, advertising, research, and insurance are a few of the domains that have grown rapidly after the emergence of Data Science. Click here to learn data science course in bangalore.

  • Data Science and its benefits

Data Science is becoming a vital part of the digital world. A new study has revealed that the global Data Science market is predicted to grow to $115 billion by 2023. Data Science and its impact on the respective domains

  • Healthcare:

Data Science is a life-saver coming to the healthcare industry. Doctors use Data Science to analyze symptoms and treatment from the pre-existing data to treat patients immediately. Data from wearable trackers is also another example of Data Science use in the healthcare industry.

  • Retail industry:

Data Science helps retail companies understanding customer behavior and helps in retaining them.

  • Banking and Finance:

Data Science is a vital tool for the banking and finance sector; it helps in identifying fraud and offers personalized financial advice.

  • Transportation:

Data Science helps the transportation industry in handling unexpected circumstances. Data Science uses statistical data to enhance the journey of travelers.

  • Construction industry:

Data Science calculates the average time required for completion of construction. Materials ad their expenses are easily provided.

  • Manufacturing industry:

Data Science helps keep a track of the incoming orders and analyzes how much manufacturing has to be done.

  • Research:

Data Science plays a vital role in research. It helps analyze massive data, graphical data, temporal data, and geospatial data and provides insights to researchers.

  • Media:

With the help of Data Science, media firms can analyze customer experience in real-time. They can decode media usage patterns which enable the companies to identify the target audience.

  • Data Science and IT industry

With tons of data, businesses have realized that Data is vital for the growth of organizations, and efficient use of data will save money and time. Data Science extracts information from large sets of data. The Information Technology industry using various Data Science tools converts meaningless data into useful data. Tasks that take weeks are done in hours with the help of Data Science.

  • Interesting things about Data Science

As Data Science is an evolving field new advancements and tools are emerging rapidly. A Data Scientist will always have to update his knowledge and skills to keep the job interesting and challenging. With expanding knowledge job opportunities also expand, keeping you always on top of the market.

  • Python and Data Science

Python has emerged as a new favorite among Data Scientists. It is easy to use and understand. It has a supportive online community with an online library that is accessible to everybody. Python is also used widely in other applications making it easy for Data Scientists to understand and interact with other applications.


Data Science is a large domain with promising job opportunities and positive growth. It is still in its initial stages, and with the amount of change it has brought to the industry, it is clear that it is here to stay for a long time as Data is always vital. The right time is now to start your career in Data Science with 360DigiTMG. 360DigiTMG offers high-rated Data Science courses in Hyderabad that help you enter the Data Science domain and rule it without a hitch.

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