An Introduction to Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide

An Introduction to Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
September 7, 2021

An Introduction to Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide

Data science is being used rapidly, but beginners must know about data science basics. People are getting towards data science by seeing their friends and other people working in data science and growing high. Suppose you have also been impressed like that, then you should surely get the required details of the field necessary for entering into the field. This article will read all the essential details of the data science domain that you have to master before starting your career successfully.

What is Data Science?

Data science has made it possible to solve complex problems as it identifies related data in large datasets. Data science is the process of taking a massive amount of data, performing different functions and algorithms on it to get the piece of data that sounds meaningful and will play a significant role in the growth of a particular product. Data scientists do this work. There is an increase in the use of data science applications every year, so data scientists are in huge demand. It means the future of data science is bright.

Applications of Data Science

There is a comprehensive list of fields that are using data science applications. Some of them are listed below

  • Search engines
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare to diagnose disease
  • Airline routing
  • Automotive industries
  • Risk Analysis
  • Fraud Detection

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History of Data Science

Data science is an old term, but the work on this term started after 1940. Many scientists work on this term and publish different books. The data scientist term was not initiated at that time. But from the last decade, data science has been used by numerous fields, proving its value in every field by producing accurate results. It has lessened the load on the people as it works on the data patterns that minimize the data volume.

Components of Data Science

There are the following most essential components of data science

  • The essential element of data science is data itself. Data can be of quantitative or qualitative types. In the first one, the descriptive info about data is stored, and in the second, the numerical info about data is stored.
  • Big data contains massive datasets that are manipulated to get the required insight.
  • Machine learning in which datasets are manipulated without the interactions of humans.
  • Statistics is also an essential component of data science as it makes numerical roots of data. You cannot imagine data science without statistics.
  • Programming languages are used for data analysis.

How does Data Science work?

The begging of data science is from exploring data, in which massive datasets are evaluated, and required patterns are derived. After that, these datasets are arranged in a sequence so that they make a sound. In the modeling, machine learning algorithms are used. A model should be one that can fulfill the requirements of an organization. After modeling, the models are tested to check that they are producing the right results. When it is tested successfully, then the model is sent to the manufacturing location. Different data science tools like Rapid Miner, Robot, Hadoop, and many more are used to get these results. Google, Amazon, and Visa are deploying data science successfully.

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