4 Tips For Successfully Using Billboards in Charlotte

4 Tips For Successfully Using Billboards in Charlotte

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Updated On
May 8th, 2024

Billboards have been an effective marketing tool for nearly 200 years. Technology and image quality have changed dramatically during that time, but the result remains the same. Billboards offer companies a great way to reach lots of people daily. This becomes particularly obvious in big cities.

Charlotte is a prime example. With a population of approximately 885,000 and several critical highways for people to get around, Charlotte billboards receive a substantial amount of views daily. The city perennially ranks among the fastest-growing in the country, so the number of impressions will climb for the foreseeable future. If you are not as familiar with the market, keep reading to discover four tips for successfully using billboards in Charlotte.

4 Tips For Successfully Using Billboards in Charlotte


  • Understand the Interstate System

Located on the border with South Carolina, Charlotte is a hub many travel through to reach destinations throughout the South. Interstates 77 and 85 both go through Charlotte. Two bypasses in the Charlotte area feature high traffic: I-277, John Belk Freeway, and I-485. Don’t let the alternate numbers distract you. People use these critical highways to arrive at crucial destinations in metropolitan areas.

Travelers and commuters use I-277 to access the downtown area, which has high-rise hotels, corporate buildings, and multiple sporting venues. Bank of America Stadium, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers home, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame are both directly off I-277.

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I-485 is another critical bypass because people who are not going to Charlotte use it to circumvent the city altogether. It also runs past Charlotte/Douglas International Airport on the west edge of town, so locals and residents from outside the city frequently drive on this road. Charlotte’s airport ranks sixth busiest in the country, so the interstate that funnels to it has plenty of traffic.

As far as the primary interstates go, I-77 is the leading way to drive from Charlotte toward the popular destination of Charleston, South Carolina. It also extends up to Cleveland, Ohio. Interstate 85 goes to Atlanta and continues south of Montgomery, Alabama. Knowing the different types of travelers on each of these highways and the massive volume of vehicles daily can help you fine-tune your marketing campaign for the consumers who will see your message on each.

  • Know the Professional Teams

Charlotte residents are passionate about professional sports. The city recently added a Major League Soccer franchise to join its NFL football team and its NBA basketball organization, the Charlotte Hornets. Carolina Panthers games sell out the stadium all season long, and the fans talk about the team year-round. If you can connect your Charlotte billboards campaign with the passion of the local sports fans, you will have an energized audience for your product or service.

  • Know the Professional Organizations

Charlotte is a thriving city because of its commerce. It is the second-largest banking center in the United States, trailing only New York City. Serving as the headquarters for Bank of America and Trust, Charlotte is home to two of the top six banks in the country. While banking catalyzed Charlotte’s growth in population and economy, many other industries were also stationed in the city.

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In 2018, Honeywell moved its headquarters to the town, and Lowe’s Home Improvement is also based in Charlotte. Before the pandemic, seven Fortune 500 companies were in Charlotte. This information can serve you well when designing your Charlotte billboards. Realize that high-ranking executives will see your advertisement of some of the best companies in the world.

  • Know the Colleges and Universities

If you want to engage with a younger demographic, Charlotte has several colleges and universities. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is likely the most obvious, but Johnson & Wales University has a campus in Charlotte. Other institutions include Queens University of Charlotte, Johnson C. Smith University, and ECPI University. These schools draw in students from across the country and around the world.


Already the 16th-biggest city in the United States, Charlotte continues to grow. The city offers a wide range of demographics that can be reached. Many people see Charlotte’s billboards daily, from multi-millionaire athletes and corporate executives to college students and airplane passengers. Understanding the city’s dynamic and residents can catapult your campaign to new levels.

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