Which are the Best 5 Price Scraping Tool to Extract Price Data?

Which are the Best 5 Price Scraping Tool to Extract Price Data?

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May 24, 2023

Are you making plans to launch an online store?

Then, you must regularly monitor your competitors’ costs and pricing strategies.

You can’t expect to keep up with swift pricing changes manually.

A price scraping tool or software can be beneficial in this situation!

Such a solution can automatically extract pricing from competitors’ websites and make them available via API, CSV, or Excel files.

You will use price scraping to gather pricing information from websites. It can seem superficial and like just a tiny technical nit to be picked up, but it could be a pain in the long run if you need to learn the proper technique to extract those pricing values from the HTML.

Here we will first provide some examples in this post where price scraping service is crucial to a company’s performance. The use of our price-parser open-source Python package will then be covered. This library was created to simplify retrieving accurate price information from an e-commerce website.

Reasons for Scraping Pricing Data

Here are some examples of how price-scraping might be helpful if you’re starting with online scraping.

  • Competitive Analysis of Online Stores

The world of eCommerce has grown highly crowded and competitive. Companies seek strategies to boost margins, reduce costs, and eventually set pricing to maximize revenue. When it comes to this, competition price monitoring is helpful. There isn’t a true internet retailer who doesn’t constantly keep an eye on competitive prices. This task involves regularly extracting real-time data from millions of price points, known as price scraping.

  • Brand Tracking

Maintaining price compliance for your product when your brand is present across various online platforms is just as crucial as keeping an eye on your rivals’ pricing. Brand monitoring is another significant application of price scraping. To ensure your pricing strategy is current, you should scrape the product pages that show your products (i.e., your resellers) as well as the product data of your competitors. In this way, you can set a competitive price and rein in those who violate the pricing rules.

  • Market Analysis

If you conduct any e-commerce market research, you should also scrape prices. Finding a method for efficiently collecting pricing information is crucial if you scrape several web pages with various price strings, whether a one-time project or a continuing one.

  • Client Behaviour Analysis

Price scraping enables companies to comprehend how customers make purchases and the prices they are willing to pay for particular goods at particular times. This assists companies in tailoring their pricing strategy to the demands of the market at the time.

List of Top 5 Price Scraping Tools

  • iWeb Scraping

iWeb Scraping

For individuals who wish to rapidly and efficiently extract web data without any scripting, iWeb Scraping is a reliable price-scraping solution.

The point, click, and extract to convert web pages into organized spreadsheets in just a few simple actions!

iWeb Scraping performs price scraping just as efficiently. With iWeb Scraping, you can quickly extract pricing from any website. You must schedule prices regularly scraping because e-commerce site prices constantly change. You can plan iWeb Scraping to run at any given time, whether hourly, daily, or weekly. You don’t need to worry about persistent price scraping because iWeb Scraping uses automatic IP rotation, so you cannot be caught.

  • Website Scraper

website scraper

It only takes a single click to extract prices using the free and reliable Website Scraper platform.

Open a website, choose the price-related information, and start working. Regardless of how complicated the page is, Website Scraper can quickly scrape the prices.

You can utilize the scheduler daily, weekly, or monthly as needed because you would need prices at regular intervals. Website Scraper cleverly uses many IP addresses with the help of a fleet of proxies to prevent blocking. Using the API, you may integrate your gathered data from any location. JSON and Excel downloads are also available.

  • Keepa


Another good price tracker that you might benefit from is Keepa. 

You can access data via the Keepa API. Use Keepa to track prices and keep tabs on competitors’ pricing tactics. However, a quota system controls access to the data. Your data allotment will be reduced as you make data requests. You can only request more data if your allotted amount has been used once restored.

As soon as the price hits the price threshold of your choice, you can set price increase alerts for tracking purposes.

Keepa is an attractive option if you seek a free program to quickly and accurately track Amazon prices.

  • Pricefy


Pricefy is a reliable tool for extracting prices from and keeping track of prices on any website, wherever in the globe.

It enables you to automatically scrape and keep tabs on the prices of your rivals, as suggested by its tagline. It is a huge relief compared to constantly worrying about scraping prices and monitoring your competitors’ pricing strategies.

Access to the data is made simple thanks to its robust API. No URLs need to be copied and pasted. Import the desired products, and Pricefy will take care of the rest. Every day, you may scrape the cost of any good in any nation.

Price scraping won’t be stopped and will continue uninterrupted. Therefore, it’s also reasonably safe.

  • 3i Data Scraping

3i Data Scraping

With 3i Data Scraping, you have all authority. Both the frequency and style of scraping are adjustable. You can continue legally and morally scraping prices with 3i Data Scraping.

After scraping, access to the data is critical. With 3i Data Scraping, you can quickly scrape the pricing and receive your data immediately in a CSV file. Additionally, Javascript API hooks are available.


You need to have excellent price-scraping software if you want to gain an advantage over your competitors. The more advantage you can have, the more potent the instrument is. Make use of these price-scraping tools to advance your company!

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