Utilizing Software Translation To Expand Business

Utilizing Software Translation To Expand Business

Written by Alison Lurie, In software, Updated On
March 31st, 2023

If you want to expand your business internationally, it is beneficial to learn with your clients. Using English as your primary marketing language has proven to be a good strategy. But, as new research shows, as high as 40 percent of buyers worldwide aren’t likely to purchase in another language. That means that no matter if you want to increase your standing in your market or expand into new ones, there’s no way to translate and localize your primary marketing materials in as many languages as your customers speak.

Research indicates that 88 percent of customers were convinced to buy by watching a company’s video, and 73% ranked videos as their top method of learning about a brand or service. Therefore, ensuring that your translation efforts focus on video could be helpful. In this case, the importance of software localization services also becomes apparent.

Video’s online usage reach exceeds 90%. The popularity of this format makes it a perfect marketing tool for all marketers worldwide. Statista shows 81% of the surveyed marketing executives prefer pre-produced videos to engage with their customers. In addition, up to 54% of companies use videos on their websites, and 47% of businesses embed them into emails. Hence, professional web localization services also become important.

After we’ve demonstrated the value of using videos to capture the attention of your clients, Let’s discuss how to ensure that it speaks the way your customers would prefer to talk.

Suppose you have a five-minute video that you have to translate into 30 languages of your market. Also, you are under a deadline, as you must be aware of the constantly changing market shifts.

The first choice is to contact an agency that is a traditional one for translation. However, you can expect not just a precise translation but also localization, which is an adaptation of a piece of content to the specific needs of a particular culture. This is especially important since certain kinds of videos for marketing used for various languages and countries must be not just understandable but also understandable.

In this case, it’s easier to create with humans translating these videos.

However, there are disadvantages to this choice as well. It is expensive at first. When calculating the costs for these types of translation, you must be aware of not just the price of the translation but also the wages of the person who is translating and the person who manages them. Additionally, this process can be very labor-intensive and often challenging to make on a large scale.

Utilizing Software Translation To Expand Business

  • Machine Translation

Another option is to make use of machine translation. It’s fast, inexpensive, and simple to scale. In addition, translation can be ordered at any time of the day and night without relying on the hours of operation of professional software localization services.

It is also possible to order it from any location around the globe. The process of ordering is typically automated and very easy. First, go to an online site and upload your video. Or paste a link on the video and pay. The translation is ready on the following day.

However, the quality of its output – while high enough, could be more flawless. Machines can easily and quickly identify words that have equivalents in both languages; for example, it recognizes the meaning of “an apple” as “one pomme” in French. But, it’s impossible to convey the humor of this pun “Light is quicker than sound. That’s why certain people appear bright before you can hear them talk.”

And that is where app localization services come into play. They ensure that humor is kept intact.

  • Humans Powered By AI

The last strategy blends humans and machines. This method utilizes the analytic and auto-learning abilities of most advanced machine algorithms, i.e., artificial intelligence algorithms, to translate any video into any number of languages that are needed far more efficiently than any other translation company could do. However, they also employ website localization services to identify and correct the machine’s errors. This way, as the user, you get 100 percent or even 100% exact translation in up to 24 hours.

Because this approach is relatively new, keeping certain critical features in your mind is essential. For example, if you are a business owner interested in innovative technology, there are three fundamental suggestions for selecting the most suitable one.

Check to see if the service ensures the confidentiality of your data.

Request transparent pricing – This means that you must be aware of how much it will be once you have placed your order, not after the work is completed.

Make sure the service has a customer service team – Though this translation method suits virtually every business that wishes to use video to reach new markets, it is suitable for companies that require translation videos for tutorials and videos about the latest products, businesses’ educational videos, and many other things. Taking aid from mobile app localization services will also help your company’s application in foreign territories.

Wrapping Up

In short, for you as a company, using video as a marketing tool is an absolute must. If you’re developing a global enterprise, it is essential to ensure that your most effective marketing tool “speaks” the language of your customer, regardless of their location.

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