Ready Cinema Systems

Ready Cinema Systems

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July 24, 2023

Introducing Cinema Organization CRM, a comprehensive platform for managing your business. Its sophisticated tools offer real-time ticketing, eliminating the age-old problems of seat double-booking and asynchronous online and box office sales. Cinemas can now process information swiftly, crafting a weekly schedule in a single day and initiating sales more effectively.

Benefits Of Ready Cinema Systems

Ready Cinema Systems

Enhanced Viewing and Customer Engagement

Pioneering 3D-venue visualization, TicketCRM lets customers select the best seats with a virtual view from each spot. It also empowers cinemas to create their own community, launch personalized promotions and provide exciting discounts to improve customer loyalty and interaction.

Advanced Venue Management and Analytics

TicketCRM facilitates simultaneous control of multiple venue entries and offers detailed ticket scanning data per screening. Moreover, the platform provides comprehensive analytics, segmentation of order statuses and customer data. It makes information readily available for efficient management.

Customization and Promotion Capabilities

The system supports creating, editing and duplicating events while allowing control over ticket pricing. Its promotional module offers tools for crafting attractive discounts for events. Additionally, the TicketCRM Widget module enables customization of the ticket sales interface and the creation of personalized marketing content.

Tailored Control with Personal Dashboard

TicketCRM offers a Personal Dashboard to centralize your cinema’s financial and operational data. With it you can enter banking details to receive funds from ticket sales, configure payment types and manage ticket delivery methods. Moreover, the module is designed to let you amend an event’s terms and conditions.

Team Management and Communication Tools

With TicketCRM, you can manage your team efficiently by different roles and access rights. The platform also allows the setup of a ticket office and the selection of a provider to send SMS and e-mails to customers, maintaining clear and consistent communication.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

TicketCRM is designed to smoothly integrate with various systems. It offers integration on the API of any contractors and the addition of your own SMTP server. This flexibility ensures your operations remain streamlined and efficient, regardless of your specific needs.

Detailed Order Management

This allows you to work with customer orders, recalculate order costs, and specify delivery methods. You can even make necessary adjustments to customer profiles to resend tickets or make partial or full refunds.

Effective Advertising and Promotions

TicketCRM helps you track customer data and page subscriptions, enabling you to plan effective advertising campaigns. Run automated e-mail or SMS campaigns to build your own audiences and increase customer’s loyalty. You can create personal or general promotions using the TicketCRM Promotions module, ensuring your customers always have something that they are looking forward to.

With TicketCRM you have a flexible and comprehensive cinema organization CRM that’s aimed at providing a superior cinema experience for your customers while simplifying your management tasks.

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