PC Matic Home: Deep Dive into a User-Friendly Unique Antivirus Program

PC Matic Home: Deep Dive into a User-Friendly Unique Antivirus Program

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In software, Published On
December 22, 2023

PC Matic Home is a typical antivirus program that removes hazardous or undesirable programs. A sneaky program can do its evil work without discovery. Instead of trying to catch harmful programs (and maybe failing), PC Matic Home only allows safe ones. This default-deny strategy has oddities but can work in some cases. Editors’ Choice winners Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and McAfee AntiVirus Plus are still recommended.

PC Matic Home

Pros and Cons Of PC Matic Home

PC Matic Home

Excellent white-list anti-malware protectionLots of third-party lab test false positives
Cheaper than comparable itemsNot many independent firms have tested it.
Lifetime subscriptionRunning manual testing is difficult.
Great PC optimization tools.
The results page is helpful.

PC Matic Home: What Is In The System?

  1. Activation Code: The product key/activation code is required to activate and use the program.
  2. Installation Guide: How to download, install, and activate the program.
  3. Manuals: For reference, several software programs provide user guides or manuals.

PC Matic Home: Trust and Security

PC Matic Home

This review has shown that PC Matic isn’t an antivirus solution. Testing it is difficult because of that. Our specialists employed a reliable testing process to ensure accurate findings. First, we downloaded and tested the program. This lets us consider both the positives and downsides. We then ran this antiviral product through “trials.” Everything was assessed for security, safety, and use. To be objective, we researched the top software testing laboratories’ results.

We utilized the same malicious samples as with every other product for performance tests. Finally, we examined refunding from the consumer’s perspective. PC Matic prevented all malware samples we planted on the machine. Most of them were prohibited because they weren’t allowed. Only 18% of samples were harmful, according to Super Shield. Another 54% were unknown, and 11% were good but obstructed. The next day, we unleashed the identical “pack” of malware samples with different results. All strange and good pieces were now risky. Because this product submits unfamiliar files/apps for in-depth investigation. After 24 hours, all these unknowns are recognized.

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PC Matic Home Whitelist Approach

Allowlisting is a new malware detection method, so you may be curious about how it works. Most antivirus software blocklists emerging malware codes/algorithms. In contrast, PC Matic generates a safe file allowlist. For files from the list, it leaves them alone. Research and fast testing are performed on all other files by the firm. As said, the team must spend a day assessing unknown files for safety or threat. The biggest drawback is that you must manually “tell” the antivirus to block specific files, programs, and sites.

Details of PC Matic Home Features

PC Matic Home

PC Matic Home increases system optimization beyond security, as indicated before. A balanced security and tune-up package, it removes trash files, patches software security flaws, and defragments local drives.  PC Matic cleans the registry, installs new drivers, and organizes the startup list to speed up the OS. Let’s examine this product’s features.  We’ll start with security features and then optimization tools. A quick note before we begin: PC Matic doesn’t have an anti-malware engine like other antivirus programs. It must be downloaded manually from the official website. Scans are available immediately. However, the antivirus core must be downloaded.

SuperShield PC

As indicated before, PC Matic Home’s antivirus engine must be downloaded and installed separately. However, it is dependable and can identify and stop most threats. The SuperShield is only available in premium editions. This module employs “whitelisting”. It refers to a database of innocuous files/apps rather than all known dangerous items. That mitigates zero-day attacks and decreases system damage. SuperShield is active in the background if its tray icon appears. This tool is simple. After a scan, it lists green, yellow, and red files as good, suspicious, and unknown/malicious. It was highly successful against malware and ransomware in our tests. Unfortunately, false positives were too prevalent.

PC Matic optimizes broadband

Optimise from PC Pitstop is strong. It removes junk and boosts internet speed to enhance device performance. Only some programs and background processes might strain the CPU and RAM. Optimise removes all that. Next, it “fine-tunes” complex Windows OS settings to speed up downloads.

It won’t make a sluggish connection quick, but the benefits can be considerable for the anti-craplet module. A rapid Optimise scan is free: download the installer from the official website and let it perform the work.

Price of PC Matic Home?

PC Matic Home

Five licenses are cheap with a $50-per-year PC Matic Home subscription. About a third of the premium antiviral programs I track cost $40 per year for one request. That includes Bitdefender, Trend Micro, and Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus. In comparison, PC Matic costs $10 per license. Another usual price is $20 more, although your $60 membership varies greatly. Bitdefender, ESET, Total Defence, and a half-dozen others cover three computers for $60, while Norton or Panda Dome Essential protects one. Sophos extravagantly offers ten remotely controllable licenses for $60. McAfee AntiVirus Plus costs $65 but offers limitless appointments.

Should I Choose PC Matic Home?

PC Matic’s website has a lot of important information. The list contains an extensive FAQ, how-to videos, and user manuals. The Customer Service website has an interactive knowledge base. The system will ask questions and answer based on your input. While it’s more challenging and friendly than live chat, you can solve most of your concerns. The Technical Support page allows email messages. The website claims customers will receive a response within a day. Our specialists verified that claim multiple times and found that they responded swiftly.


What is PC Matic Home antivirus?

This cheap antivirus covers all leading operating systems and gadgets. You may protect five devices with one license. Antivirus is an outdated product deployed on millions of computers worldwide. It proved effective over time.

Is PC Matic excellent?

It protects devices well and is generally an excellent antivirus solution. PC Matic protects your vital data against viruses, trojans, malware, ransomware, and other internet dangers. Malware is blocked instantly after real-time scanning.

Is PC Matic free?

Yes, PC Matic is free. However, the solution is restricted. It only scans your system and does not defend it in real-time. For real-time protection, you must acquire a premium plan.

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