Nonprofit Volunteer Management Software: Keeping Track of Volunteer Hours and Activities (2023)

Nonprofit Volunteer Management Software: Keeping Track of Volunteer Hours and Activities (2023)

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December 1st, 2023

The success of your nonprofit also depends on your time management skills. That’s why, tracking how you are utilizing every second will help you achieve more. Tracking how your volunteers are performing each day is very much crucial. Is it simple to keep track of volunteer activities and hours? Yes, with nonprofit volunteer software, it is simple.

Volunteer software is a helpful tool that will streamline your struggle to utilize time smartly and appropriately. It allows you not just to track volunteer hours but also their activities. Moreover, advanced software will let you track real-time data of the volunteer activities.

If you already have chosen reliable volunteer management software, it’s time to know its features. Why? Well, only after that you can use them perfectly to track volunteer hours. Here are a few tips that will help you learn how to track volunteer performance of complete effectiveness.

How to Use Volunteer Management Software to Track Volunteer Hours and Activities?

How to Use Volunteer Management Software to Track Volunteer Hours and Activities?

Proper Volunteer Registration:

Tracking the volunteer activities is not possible without creating proper volunteer profiles. Moreover, the journey of each volunteer begins with the initial registration process. So, create proper volunteer profiles using this software and also include all their important details. Mainly, these profiles serve as the foundation for tracking volunteer hours and activities.

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Easy Sign-Ups and Scheduling:

Volunteers must find no difficulties while signing up. After all, the whole sign-up process has to be error-free so that you can easily track volunteer hours. Moreover, it’s also important for you to properly schedule tasks for all your volunteers. For this reason, easily manageable volunteer shifts are necessary. Utilize the features of this software that will help you manage their shifts and also with easy volunteer scheduling. Moreover, all your volunteers won’t face any issues while browsing their available opportunities and interests. Thus you can expect 100% accurate data from software that’s ideal for your organization.

Accurate Time Tracker:

You must keep in mind that tracking volunteer hours accurately is vital for various reasons. This will help you understand how your volunteers are utilizing their entire working hours. Besides, it will also help recognize their contributions. Moreover, you will also be able to track the progress of each volunteer program. So, use your volunteer software to track the volunteer check-in and check-out with accuracy. Moreover, you can check this record to make necessary improvements later to ultimately achieve your goals.

Proper Activity Logging:

It’s also necessary for your nonprofit to keep track of all the types of volunteering activities. By tracking their activities properly it becomes possible to record specific activities that volunteers take part in during their shifts. This software comes with features that will help you record specific activities of your volunteers which you can later check. This software, thus, will provide you with details of the tasks that they have performed. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the impact they have is vital, and this program will undoubtedly assist.

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Simple Communication:

Communication is necessary to track the performance of your volunteers or the team members. Software of this type is absolutely a great tool when it comes to communicating with your team members. Advanced volunteer software comes with features that will allow you to send SMS or emails. You can also keep your team updated through its amazing push notification features. Also, this makes it easy for you to track their schedules and track their availability.

Complete Remote Access:

Your nonprofit may have hired volunteers from all over the world. That’s why, tracking each one of them is a difficult task without proper volunteer management software. This software is a great tool when it comes to tracking all your volunteers remotely. They can sign up using their phones or any other smart devices from any part of the world. Moreover, signing up or signing out is also not at all a difficult task when you give them complete access to their profiles.

Uploading Documents and Details:

Your volunteers may need to upload documents or images that are related to their work. With volunteer software, this will also become simple. You can ask your volunteers to share images or important documents through their phones. This way you can also track their activities and identify the most hardworking volunteers. After all, appreciating their efforts will be necessary to keep them engaged and motivated for the long term.


Nonprofits need the best assistants to help them conduct their day-to-day activities. That’s why choosing a proper nonprofit volunteer management software is important. This will not just help you track their performance but will also allow you to manage them. Moreover, you will easily find options to guide them on how to utilize time and boost their productivity. So, start handling all your volunteers in the best possible way with the right volunteer management software. Ultimately, you will reach your goal with ease.

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