Can I use windows movie maker to save PowerPoint in the form of videos?

Can I use windows movie maker to save PowerPoint in the form of videos?

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October 29, 2021

It could be that you are interested to create customized videos for your clients or for your education purpose. Whatever be it, you can learn how to create videos by using trustworthy software like windows movie maker. It is easily accessible, free to use and is completely hassle-free. It does not involve any rocket science since you just need to follow a few directions as given by its creators. Doing so will you derive your set objectives and enjoy creating videos that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Can I use windows movie maker to save PowerPoint in the form of videos?

  • Creating movies with movie maker

Using this advanced software tool creating movies from photos and pictures is very quick, easy, and fun-filled. It might be that using PowerPoint, you could be facing some kind of trouble. This is mostly due to the different versions offered. There are the present video-sharing sites such as YouTube and portable devices that might require some understanding. With some knowledge from the experts and going through portals like, you can save PPT files in video form.

You just need to carry out a windows movie maker download. On saving PPT slides in the form of images, use the Win Movie Maker software to create movies having credits, titles, transitions, animations, and background music. Once you learn to convert photos into movies, the task is just filled with fun and excitement.

But to start with, you need to ensure installing windows movie maker in your laptop or desktop. For this, simply do research on the web and find out how to download the software.

  • Saving PPT slides in image form

On carrying out movie maker download, it supports pictures, audio, and videos as input files. The slides should be first saved as images enabling you to ‘import’ PPT to the movie maker software. First perform Windows Movie Maker 2021 Free Download.

Then simply follow the given below steps to complete the procedure. First

Step 1: Open PPT File. Click on ‘File – Save As’ menu.

Step 2: In ‘Save As’ dialog pop up, on ‘Save As Type’ menu, select preferred image format. You will come across six types of image formats to choose from like EMF, BMP, TIF, PNG, JPEG and GIF. You may select any format type as desired. Once done click ‘Save’.

Step 3: You will get a prompt in the form of pop up. Select ‘Every Slide’ enabling you to save all PPT slides in the form images simultaneously.

  • Importing PPT images to Windows Movie Maker Download

  • You may now import all PPT images, try to edit them as desired to come up with interesting videos.
  • Now run the software. Under the ‘Capture Video’ menu, you are to click on ‘import pictures’. This will help import generated PPT images on the laptop or desktop.
  • The only disadvantage will be that dynamic effects such as music, transitions, animations and video clips from original PPT presentation cannot be retained.
  • To save PPT files as video and to retain all original PPT effects and elements, you may use any 3rd party tool from
  • This way, you may use Windows Movie Maker Free Download to convert PPTX, PPT, PPSX, PPS, etc. to different popular video formats as desired.
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