6 Cheap Online Writing Tools to Help College Students

6 Cheap Online Writing Tools to Help College Students

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, software, Published On
January 24, 2022

Students can use the internet to find great writing tools that will help them complete assignments faster or speed up their academic projects. These apps make it easier to finish a paper in a shorter time. These apps allow students to have more free time to do personal projects and relax.

Writing tools are not cheap. This is one of their biggest challenges. Most tools are free. However, some tools require a subscription for premium features. Students may find it difficult to pay for the subscription. Other apps with no paid features may not offer the same quality of service.

While some tools may be inexpensive, they offer the best homework experience than some essay writing assistants. You can find out about these by reading mega essays review. But here are some tools that will make your student life easier.

6 Cheap Online Writing Tools to Help College Students

  • Grammarly


Grammarly allows you to edit and write. Grammarly allows you to create precise, flawless essays that will attract attention and earn the best grades. It is almost like working with a real editor.

Grammarly can be added to any word-processing software. Grammarly allows you to see the errors in your document so that you can rectify them. Grammarly detects errors like typography, misspelling words, bad punctuation, repetitive sentences, and poor word choices.

Grammarly includes a free version. It comes with enough features to ensure flawless paper. The upgrade costs are affordable and will allow you to produce great written work. Grammarly allows you to edit your work without the need for an editor.

  • Google Docs


Google Docs can be used to create and collaborate. It is a cloud-based, word-generation tool. The app lets you write your paper online.

Google Docs cloud-based means you can continue writing wherever you find helpful materials. All versions of your paper are available on different devices. Update your paper anywhere you are. You can do this in the field, in a library, or even in the park if an idea strikes. There is no need to keep multiple documents in case you have to use a different gadget.

Google Docs works well when you need to collaborate on a project. Google Docs allows people from different places to make changes to the same document. Even in this age of social distancing or online learning, it is still possible to work together on a group assignment. Google Docs keeps track of all the contributions made to the document by each member who has the permission to do so. The administrator can accept or reject the changes. It is easy to collaborate on a group task.

  • Evernote


Evernote, an organization tool, will help you have the best homework experience. Evernote makes it easy for you to gather all the necessary materials for your assignment. A mini-database makes it easy to quickly work on the paper.

Evernote is an organization tool that uses the cloud. It allows you to access your ebooks, images and assignments, and audio files from anywhere. You can work on your paper and not have to carry your gadgets everywhere. Evernote comes with an advanced search system that makes it easier for you to retrieve your resources. All your reference material is within reach.

  • MyHomework Plan

MyHomework Plan

The task of college homework is often overwhelming. Different assignments have different deadlines. The homework planner will allow you to keep track of your progress for each assignment. The app lets you set individual milestones to each assignment.

MyHomework Planner can accommodate different milestones for each assignment. It will alert you at scheduled intervals so that you do not wake up with a late deadline. It can also be used to help you plan your time at college. It offers a dashboard view that allows you to monitor how long each task took.

  • Canva


Canva allows you to create graphics. It allows you to create graphics and images that are appropriate for your paper. Canva is a great app that you can use to take photos in the field and to present flow charts.

Canva is simple and easy to learn. Sign up and you’ll be able to create professional graphics in no time. Basic features are included free of charge. It will save all of your projects for easy future access.

  • Citation Machine

Citation Machine

For college assignments, you must cite all of your sources. These citations are part of an academic assessment. They will be examined carefully. You may find them tedious and time-consuming. Citation Machine allows you to automatically generate all the citations for your paper. Select the preferred formatting style to generate a citation.

Final Word

Most of college essay writers say that students who use tools for writing have a better time completing assignments. Writing tools allow students to spend more time discussing in their papers which leads to insightful essays. You’ll have an enjoyable college experience, despite all the assignments.

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