Guest Posting as a Link Building Strategy: How to Successfully Buy Backlinks

Guest Posting as a Link Building Strategy: How to Successfully Buy Backlinks

Written by Alison Lurie, In SEO, Published On
August 25, 2023

Despite all the updates made to search engine algorithms, especially Google’s, over the past years, guest posting remains one of the most effective strategies to build a solid website backlink profile and improve its visibility in search engine results.

We invite you to discuss the main tips and tricks of guest blogging as an approach to building high-quality backlinks to your website in this article.

Besides, we’ll also introduce the Collaborator platform that can help you avoid time-consuming outreach processes when obtaining these sought-after connections, whatever your industry.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, commonly called guest blogging, entails creating and posting content on another person’s website or blog. It’s an SEO strategy that helps obtain links from high-authority websites and, therefore, enhances website visibility in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Tips for Effective Guest Posting

Planning and execution are necessary for getting excellent backlinks through guest posting. So how to get the most out of guest blogging? Let’s find out together.

Find the Right Topic for Your Guest Post

Selecting the right topic can help your guest post stand out and get approved by websites. You should pique the reader’s interest: find out which issues your potential audience has and provide solutions in your article.

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Stay Updated with Trends:

It is essential to keep up with the times in today’s fast-paced society. By keeping up with current events in your niche and observing media trends, you will know the interests of your targeted audience.

Use Tools for Topical Insights:

Knowledge about popular themes in the content landscape requires using special tools. For instance, SEMrush’s Topic Research tool is one useful resource. You may access a well-chosen list of subtopics by entering a keyword and location.

You can also use Google Trends. This tool helps to determine the popularity of a topic and see the existing trends. As an example, we have checked the popularity of search queries on guest posts in the USA since 2004 and up to the present day.

How to Successfully Buy Backlinks

If you scroll down a page, you will also see the interest by subregion, related topics, and related queries.

Undeniably, this information will be useful when choosing the topic for your guest article.

How to Successfully Buy Backlinks

Master the Art of Selection:

The core of guest blogging and link building is crafting content for authority sites or blogs related to your subject. Giving originality, quality, and relevancy high priority is essential while developing topic ideas.

Deep Dive into Target Blogs:

Conduct a thorough search for blogs and websites relevant to your niche. As a guest author, you should understand the standards they have for their content, what their audience prefers, and which subjects are captivating. Prospect the web to find relevant donors. For example, you can use the following search query: “Niche Keyword + Write to us”.

Identifying authority blogs and spotting unique blogging opportunities can significantly enhance your backlink strategy.

Leverage Other Idea Generation Methods:

Exploring different guest posting websites can offer more avenues for guest articles and advertisement texts. Investigate resources to broaden your thinking via:

  • Newspapers and magazines: These resources frequently cover hot subjects, providing many options.
  • Social media: To determine popular themes or gain input on new ideas, interact with like-minded people or marketers.
  • Basic Google search: Enter a word or phrase pertinent to the topic to see suggested queries.
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Find Websites Relevant to Your Guest Posts

Make sure the site you’ve chosen for publishing your guest post and therefore buying links for SEO is relevant to your industry and has your target audience. Otherwise, your link-building efforts will bring little to no results.

Analyze competitors

Whatever the industry, it is always important to analyze your competitors if you want to overcome them. To make it happen, you should find where they publish their content and what type of content it is. It can uncover unexpected advertising opportunities for promoting your business.

Search on Google

Google offers many chances for guest posting and being used for searches. You may find platforms most pertinent to your industry by utilizing search queries like “[industry keyword] + guest post” and “[industry] + write for us”.

Use the Collaborator platform

Whether you want to buy backlinks for SEO or introduce your company to a wider audience, Collaborator can help you reach your goal quickly and, what’s more important, safely. It has proven to be a reliable partner for marketers and SEO specialists involved in getting backlinks.

How to Successfully Buy Backlinks

Below, we have listed just a few benefits Collaborator offers:

  • Ever-Growing Catalog: Collaborator has over 19,000 approved websites in its catalog. That number increases every day.
  • User-Friendly Filter: By offering filtering features, Collaborator goes beyond numbers. To select the best platform for their specialty and target audience, users may search through it using more than 40 parameters.
  • Official Integration with Ahrefs & Serpstat: Integrating with well-known SEO tools like Serpstat and Ahrefs, Collaborator allows users to see metrics they provide for free and filter websites by any of them.
  • Insurance Against Deletion & Non-Indexation: The collaborator provides protection against post-deletion and non-indexation for a period ranging from three months to a year.
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Write a Guest Post that Gets Accepted

Writing a guest post that captures attention and gets website approval is not as simple as it might look. It requires planning and preparation as developing content that genuinely engages the target audience is critical. It goes without saying that you should follow writer guidelines provided by a manager of the online resource you want to publish your content.

Promote Your Article

After you’ve dedicated time and effort to craft a guest article and get it published, the next crucial step is promoting it. You can do it by sharing the link on your social media, forums, and so on.


Utilizing guest posting as an SEO strategy has proven to be an effective method of enhancing your backlink profile, gaining backlinks from high DA online resources, increasing website traffic, and improving brand awareness. We have described how to do it effectively and which tools can streamline your workflow in this article. Those who want to save time searching for the right donors can opt for the Collaborator platform, which we have also mentioned here.

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