Serviced Apartments in Luxembourg: Everything You Need to Know

Serviced Apartments in Luxembourg: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Real Estate, Published On
August 16, 2023

If you are looking for a serviced apartment in Luxembourg, you are in the right place. That’s because I know a platform that has all sorts of serviced apartments in Luxembourg. And that platform is LuxFlat, which is a housing company that provides all types of serviced apartments along with great amenities at a very reasonable cost.

A serviced apartment may not compete with hotels in terms of luxury, but it has other facilities that can’t be found in luxury hotels. And those are amenities such as a kitchen, separate rooms, housekeeping, and much more.

Guide to Choose the Most Suitable Serviced Apartment in Luxembourg

Serviced Apartments

If you are going to rent a serviced apartment in Luxembourg, you need to consider these factors:

1. Well-Designed Apartment

The first thing that you should look for in a serviced apartment is the design. If the serviced apartment has an elegant design, it will make you feel comfortable and give your relaxing vibes. A modern design with luxurious décor sounds excellent. Thus, you should choose a serviced apartment that has a great design.

2. Comfortable

Another thing that is mandatory for your serviced apartment is overall comfort. If the apartment is not comfortable at all, then your trip won’t feel good or become a memorable one. That’s why the serviced apartment should include all the things that are responsible for comfort.

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3. Large and Separate Rooms

Serviced apartments are known for having larger rooms that are separated from each other. Since the rooms are separated, you can have your own room that will give you privacy. Besides, small rooms are not comfortable at all – it’s from my personal experience. Therefore, you should always look for a large room. And if all rooms are separated, then each guest can have their own room.

4. Amenities

One of the most essential things when looking for a serviced apartment is the amenities of the apartment. Yes, a serviced apartment must include all the basic amenities that define it and are responsible for the comfort of the guests. Those amenities are large rooms, a kitchen for cooking meals, and a facility for laundry, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, and entertainment options.

5. Housekeeping

Whether it’s a hotel or serviced apartment, housekeeping is a must-have thing for accommodation. That’s because housekeeping is responsible for keeping the apartment sound. If the serviced apartment has poor housekeeping service, then you have to live in a dirty and unhygienic place. On the other hand, regular housekeeping will make sure your apartment is clean, and you are getting all the things that you require in time.

6. Choose a Reliable Housing Company

The best way to find a serviced apartment is through a housing company. That’s because a housing company has all sorts of serviced apartments that you can rent. And they can provide you with the best-serviced apartment at an affordable cost in no time. If you want to consult with a housing platform, you should choose LuxFlat, which will provide you with the best-serviced apartment in Luxembourg at a very low cost.

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7. Cost of the Apartment

Cost is the most influential factor when choosing a serviced apartment in Luxembourg. That’s because serviced apartments are not cheap in Luxembourg. And you have to pay a good amount to rent a serviced apartment in that area. But don’t worry. That’s because there are a lot of serviced apartments available in Luxembourg. However, when you compare the cost of all the serviced apartments, you will surely find one with all excellent amenities and low prices.


A serviced apartment is the most suitable choice when you are looking for accommodation in Luxembourg. That’s because those are low in cost and offer homelike comfort where you will get the vibe like you are living in your own apartment. Besides, you should consider the above factors to choose the best-serviced apartment.

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