Do’s and Don’ts in Digital House Hunting

Do’s and Don’ts in Digital House Hunting

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Real Estate, Published On
July 21, 2023
Last modified on July 26th, 2023

Digital house hunting became all the rage when the pandemic lockdowns occurred. This is because not many places allowed people inside because of the coronavirus. If they did, there were many precautions about standing too close, wearing masks, and more. While digital house hunting had already started trending before the pandemic, it took off during and afterward. Even several years after the pandemic, this new way of looking for a home is still gaining popularity.

But what is digital house hunting, and what are some things you should and should not do when finding a home? 

What Is Digital House Hunting?

Digital House Hunting

If you may recall, during the pandemic, plenty of companies maintained their earnings by starting to become more digital. Real estate was one of them. This industry started pushing out digital house hunting as an alternative to meeting with real estate agents in person.

Digital house hunting allows potential buyers to observe every aspect of the house they want to buy from the comfort of their couch. Instead of seeing only photos of the house, a prospective buyer can view the home in 3D or panoramic views. Since you get the opportunity to “look around” in cyberspace, this became a good way to buy a home during the pandemic, especially if you were buying and selling at the same time.

Even though this is a convenient form of looking for a home, you should keep a few do’s and don’ts in mind. Here they are.

Do Use Digital House Hunting to Get Started

When you think of digital house hunting, consider it a tool to start your search. This method will allow you to look at plenty of homes on the market and decide what features you like and don’t like. Also, this will cut down on driving around and making unnecessary appointments for home showings for homes that aren’t visually stimulating.

Do Use Virtual Tours to Narrow Your Choices

In addition to helping you get started in the house-hunting process, virtual tours can also help you begin to narrow your choices. If a home has features you know you don’t like, such as a split-level house, you can immediately strike this house off your list. Seeing the house through virtual eyes will help determine if you want to investigate it further or avoid it altogether.

Don’t Get too Excited About Virtual Images

Even though digital house hunting is becoming a popular tool in house search, one big mistake to avoid with house hunting this way is getting excited about the images only. Remember that images are no substitute for seeing things with your own eyes. There could be so many things about the house that the photos, videos, or panoramic views don’t pick up. For instance, there could be a considerable mold problem brewing beneath the surface of the floor or walls. You will be able to smell such things when you’re inside the home.

Additionally, there could be other bad odors in the home, such as cigarette smoke or pet odors, that virtual images won’t reveal. One more thing is that a photographer will capture images of the house that will show it in its best light. So if there are damaged walls, cabinets, ceilings, or other blemishes, you may not see this in the virtual tour. The moral of the story is to use virtual images as a tool in house hunting, not a way to make a final decision.

Don’t Buy a House Sight Unseen

Digital House Hunting

Again, don’t buy a property solely on a virtual tour. There could be so many issues that the virtual images don’t reveal. Images may make a home look more spacious than it is. Upon arriving at the property in person, you may realize that your massive furniture may not fit the space. There could also be awkward rooms or spaces that may not appear in the images, which could be a big turn-off for you. Please make an effort to try to visit the home in person at least once before buying it.

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