Today’s Wordle Answer #914 With Hints – December 20, 2023 Tuesday

Today’s Wordle Answer #914 With Hints – December 20, 2023 Tuesday

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December 4, 2023
Last modified on December 21st, 2023

Is today’s Wordle puzzle something you’re prepared to tackle? Everything you need to keep your streak alive is right here if you’re worried about running out of attempts. We have the complete solution as well as a letter-by-letter breakdown and some broad word clues. To avoid any unintentional spoilers, we have concealed all the answers.

Today’s Wordle Answers: December 21, 2023

Are you in need of some tips?

  • It contains two vowels.
  • It’s a verb and a noun.
  • There is NO duplicate letter.
  • Today’s answer is related to the term “Build”.
  • The first letter is B.
  • The last letter is T.

Wordle Answer Hints For 21st Dec 2023,

Hint No. 1

“B” is today’s first letter.

Hint No. 2

“U” is today’s second letter.

Hint No. 3

“I” is today’s third letter.

Hint No. 4

“L”  is today’s fourth letter.

Hint No. 5

“T” is today’s fifth letter.

Here is the Today’s Wordles Answer

December 21, 2023, Wordle Answer is “BUILT

What Is Wordle Game?

Every day, you may play Wordle and try to decipher a hidden five-letter word. To play, you’ll need to guess a series of five-letter talks and then check their proximity to the secret word. As soon as you enter a guess, the game will color-code each letter to show you how close you are. Playing a game is one of the many enjoyable ways to spend time on a phone, reading emails, getting directions, snapping photographs, and browsing social media. And Wordle is one of the most popular phone games on the rise recently. From its origins to the basics of how to play, this guide will address all of your questions about Wordle, in case you’ve heard the name but are still confused.

Playing Wordle, a straightforward word game for phones or computers, gives players six chances to identify a daily five-letter word. Though basic in concept, millions of people rely on it regularly.

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Wordle Strategies and Techniques!

Despite Wordle’s seeming simplicity, there are a few strategies that might help you predict the daily word with fewer attempts. Jump immediately into a powerful word, such as one that has many vowels (a, e, i, o, or u) or common consonants (s, t, r, or n). To improve your odds of getting the Wordle in less than six tries, try guesses that contain significant letters, such as start, canoe, slate, and caret.

An additional tactic is to utilize every vowel in the initial two rounds to find out which ones are in the daily word. With their shared consonants and vowels, “adieu” and “radio” are excellent choices for rounds one and two. Also, take your time and don’t rush anything. Take your time and think about all of your possibilities before trying again. If you try to run through the puzzles, you’ll probably end up with incorrect answers and have to try again the next day before you can solve them.

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Does Wordle Cost Anything?

If you don’t have a New York Times membership, you may still play Wordle for free. The fact that there are no advertisements to interrupt your game is the cherry on top. Despite charging for its other word games like the NYT crossword, the New York Times opted to keep Wordle free when they purchased it from Josh Wardle.

Wordle may seem complicated at first, but once you play it a couple of times, you’ll find it’s straightforward to use. Here, we will examine the guidelines for this game of chance.

How To Play Wordle Game?

  • You get six chances to guess the word every day. Start by entering a five-letter comment into the given spaces.
  • The tile will become green if the letter you’ve selected is correct and in the right spot.
  • The letters you’ve selected will become yellow if they appear in the word incorrectly.
  • A letter will turn grey if it is not present in the word anywhere.

When you’ve finished guessing the word or utilized all of your attempts, you may share your results and see the day’s statistics.

Wordle: How to Get the Most Out of It?

Making an approach that allows you to test frequently used English letters in their most common placements inside genuine five-letter words is a solid way to attempt to win Wordle with as few tries as possible. One good strategy is to begin with an expression that contains the five most frequent letters in the English language, such as A, E, S, T, R, or N. Some good first choices are SLATE and CRANE.

Some individuals like to begin with terms that have a lot of vowels, like ADIEU or AUDIO. You can immediately tell which vowels will be in the secret word since these words improve your odds of earning a green or yellow square on the first attempt. Artificial intelligence systems are now available that can evaluate your Wordle approach and suggest other terms to consider. Naturally, you are free to guess any five-letter words you choose. It would help if you played Wordle, whatever makes you happy because it’s only a game.

Does the Apple Store or Google  Play store have a Wordle app?

As soon as I found out Wordle existed, I went straight to the app store to get it. I reasoned that there must be some sort of app associated with this wildly popular phenomenon on Twitter. You shouldn’t accept “Wordle” results from the App Store or Google Play for what they’re worth. At this time, the only way to play the original Wordle, which Josh Wardle created and generously released to the internet in late 2021, is through this same browser. Playing it in any other location is, at best, an apparent attempt to cash in on someone else’s popularity.

What makes Wordle so popular?

The beauty is in how uncomplicated it is. The daily limit of one gaming session encourages moderation. Wordle is an excellent option for promoting digital wellness for individuals who are prone to mindless scrolling or playing these types of games in large quantities. You don’t need to install anything to play the Wordle game; it’s web-based. Only three modes are available: hard, dark, and color-blind. There are no advertisements to distract gamers from the competition.

Wordle: What Makes It Amazing?

Wordle: What Makes It Amazing?

You will fall in love with Wordle—a fast and free game. Playing just requires a short amount of time. If you know anyone else who enjoys Wordle, you should invite them over for a game. You can discuss the daily puzzle and share your answers.

Wordle has now spawned a plethora of imitations and offshoots. Some well-liked ones are these:

  1. Doodle is a fantastic online word game that combines two Wordles puzzles into one, allowing you to guess two secret words simultaneously.
  2. You may play four Wordles at once in Quordle, an online word game, and your guesses will work for all four hidden words.
  3. You may play eight Wordles at once in Octordle, an online word game, and your guesses will be valid for all eight hidden words.
  4. The online word game Sedecordle allows you to play 16 Wordles simultaneously, with the same guesses applied to 16 hidden words.
  5. Heardle is a music identification game played online. The objective is to identify the song’s artist and title within a few seconds after hearing the song’s intro.
  6. Factle is a daily question-based online trivia game in which players must predict the proper sequence of five answers.
  7. The online geography game Globle challenges players to identify the featured nation daily.
  8. Play Nerdle, an online math game, and see if you can solve the daily puzzle.

A wide variety of languages are available for Wordle, including but not limited to Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Ukrainian, and Japanese.

Is there anything more I need to know about Wordle?

Wordle was born in June of 2021 and celebrated its first birthday on June 19, 2022. Its formal debut was in October of the same year. (If Wordle wants to keep us around for another year, you may read my five suggestions for how it can improve.) But it wasn’t until the year’s end that it took off; in January, when everyone finally caught on to its allure, it went viral. Wordle is now a part of NYT Games after The New York Times acquired it for a seven-figure amount in early February, thanks to its resounding success.

You can play it for free on the NYT Games website right here. Josh Wardle, the game’s designer, and the New York Times have both confirmed that the game will stay free. When you make a guess, the system will tell you which letters you choose are part of the word and where they go. Turns green when a note is in its proper spot. When it appears in the improper area within the word, it becomes yellow. When it’s entirely out of the world, it becomes grey.

Top 4 Wordle Alternatives


Is it too much of a task for you to attempt to predict just one five-letter word? What about four? That is the idea behind Quordle, a Wordle spin-off that is four times more difficult than Wordle but follows the same basic principle. Having to guess numerous words at once requires some planning; for example, would you attempt to think all four right away, or would you pick one word at a time? Getting all four words correctly remains challenging, even with eight guesses instead of six.


Crosswordle is somewhat similar to Wordle; the only difference is that, like a crossword puzzle, you have to predict two words that cross over. For example, “home” and “office” are two words that are distinct in length, but there are no hints that they are linked.


Absurdle seems to function similarly to Wordle at first glance. The catch is that you’re up against an evil AI that actively works against your victory! What this implies is that Absurdle alters the correct answer with each guess you make.


The goal of Redactle is to figure out what a Wikipedia page is about by trying to guess the missing or redacted words. After you think of a comment, the game will show you how frequently and where it appears.

In the comments, please share your favorite game.


How do I know which words to use in Wordle?

A brief review of the rules covered thus far in the essay is as follows:

  1. Wordle answers are mostly the plural nouns, but in case they are not then they end in S or ES.
  2. Wordle answers may also be past tense verbs, but not if they end in ED.
  3. Plural nouns and past tense words can be used as Wordle guesses even if they aren’t valid Wordle answers.

Wordle employs an algorithm, doesn’t it?

The researchers developed a model-based approach that consistently finds the best solution to the game using Exact Dynamic Programming.

Are there any rules for playing Wordle?

The rules of Wordle are elegantly simple. The goal is to guess a hidden five-letter word with the fewest possible possibilities. Just fill in any five-letter term and hit enter to submit your prediction.

What is the principle of Wordle?

In the simple game of Wordle, players have to guess a secret five-letter word in six or fewer turns based on clues about the presence and location of letters revealed by their previous guesses.

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