Here is Quordle Answer Today For 21th December Friday #695: Quordle Hints & Answers

Here is Quordle Answer Today For 21th December Friday #695: Quordle Hints & Answers

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December 3, 2023
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You can now get Quordle #695. Is the following word in this puzzle something you’re familiar with? Read ahead. You guess the five-letter words in Quordle. Here, a player has nine chances to predict all four terms. But you must do this task within the specified time.

Quordle Answer Today – December 21: Solutions And Hints For Today’s Puzzle

Wordle gained a lot of attention from people during the lockdown. Seeing an opportunity, the founder came up with The Quordle, an adaptation of Wordle. Today, the game is viral and has a large fan base.

Today’s Quordle Answer Hints

One word in Quordle Answer Today’s #695 has the alphabet twice. Not to mention that letters like Q and Z don’t exist.

T, S, Q, and P are the first letters of today’s Quordle answer.

E, P, I, and N are the last letters of today’s Quordle answer.

Quordle Answer for December 21

The four words in today’s Quordle Answer are:


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We wish you the best of luck in finding the solution and in obtaining your daily dosage of joy. If you want additional clues and hints, be sure to come back tomorrow.

Quordle: The Game With More Fun Than Wordle

Guessing a random five-letter word daily is entertaining. We’ve given you Wordle tips and starting remarks, but this new game elevates word-guessing. Quordle is the tougher yet amusing word-guessing game played globally. What is Quordle, and how to play? Our blog of Quordle today covers that and more. Let’s start now. In contrast to its original, which millions of people play every day, Quordle is a spin-off game for persons who are looking for a more advanced language challenge.

Quordle is quite similar to Wordle.

Playing the Quordle game still involves guessing five-letter words every day and seeing if you got them all in the correct spots (green, yellow, and gray squares) to win. To give the right Quordle answer, players must simultaneously predict four five-letter words. With this game, you have more opportunities to guess the four words than with Wordle, which only allows six guesses. You get nine chances to solve all four words on Quordle, and each guess appears in each of the four fields. You have two choices for how to play Quordle, which is another way it’s different from its predecessor. First, there’s Daily Quordle, which, similar to Wordle, only allows you one opportunity to compete every day. On the other hand, you can play as many practice games as you like in Quordle by clicking the “Practice” icon at the top of the game. But a player’s streak has little to do with how they fare in practice games.

Who Made The Famous Quordle?

One such, Wordle derivative that several fans enjoyed was Dordle, in which players had to predict two five-letter words. The website claims that this group was quite good at guessing the two words.

In a moment of evil and genius,” engineer David Mah came up with the initial version of Quordle.

I knew I had to continue this lunacy, even if the programming was genuinely horrible (it had two keyboards),” game creator Freddie Meyer recalled. Looking back, he did a masterful job of baiting me into completing his hideous product. There are more than half a million active users every day.

How To Play Quordle Game and Solve Quordle Answer Today

Since you now know what Quordle is and how it varies from Wordle, we can go on to the game’s rules. Here are the steps to play Quordle:

  • To choose your desired language and word length, visit,, or
  • Use the virtual or physical keyboard to type in any genuine word that has the same amount of letters as each line. Submit your comment and receive hints by pressing enter.
  • Find the hidden words by following the color hints on the keyboard and letters. A letter is considered to be in the correct position if it is green, incorrect if it is yellow, and utterly absent if it is grey.
  • You have you either guess all four words or run out of guesses to continue entering words. To remove letters or clear your input, press the backspace key.
  • Post a screenshot of your completed puzzle or share the outcome on social media.

Wondering Where To Find Quordle?

You can play Quordle online at for free! Yes, you heard it right. A few Wordle fans who were writing the original script for Wordle’s official game came up with the idea for the spin-off game. Recent weeks have seen a surge in the site’s popularity, clearly demonstrating that the developer’s “monstrous creation” was worthwhile. Neither Quordle nor Wordle have any official relationship with the other.

Quordle Hints For Winning The Game

If you want to be a Quordle champion, you need to master specific tactics and techniques that will make word guessing a breeze. A few examples are these:

  • Get the ball rolling by choosing a term that uses a maximum of vowels and has no repeated characters. You can eliminate more letters from the keyboard and get additional hints by doing this.
  • Pick terms that everyone knows and can spell easily. Doing so will improve your odds of discovering terms found in the game’s dictionary.
  • Find associations and trends in the word choice. Try switching or rearranging the letters if you encounter an E that is green in one word and yellow in another.
  • Try using your reasoning skills to figure things out. For instance, refrain from using a grey letter in any other word if you see it in one. Look for alternative phrases that might use the letter you see in yellow; you might find one that uses it in green.

Remain determined. Keep in mind that no matter how irritated or stuck you feel at any one moment, there is always a way out. Use your reasoning and gut feelings to locate it.

Languages Used In The Game: Quordle

The fact that Quordle supports multiple languages is one of its greatest strengths. It will not only help you learn new words and enhance your language skills, but it will also make the game more exciting and challenging for you. These languages are available to you:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • The Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish native

Changing the game’s language is as easy as clicking the gear icon in the upper left corner and choosing your language of choice.

What Is The Most Popular Word Used In Quordle?

When playing Quordle, one of the most prevalent concerns is choosing the right word to begin with. Since various riddles and players may benefit from using different words, it is impossible to provide a universally correct response to this topic. Here are a few broad rules:

  1. Pick a word with plenty of vowels and no consonants. You can eliminate more letters from the keyboard and get additional hints by doing this.
  2. Pick a word that everyone knows and can spell easily. Doing so will improve your odds of discovering terms found in the game’s dictionary.
  3. Think of a word that uses letters that are common in your language and utilize them. The likelihood that those letters form part of the concealed words will increase as a result.

Here are a few excellent examples of beginning words:

  • Sound system
  • Heavy machinery
  • Sloth
  • Plant
  • Music

How To Solve The Daily Quordle Puzzle

Try out Quordle’s daily puzzle mode if you and your pals are looking for a challenge.

With this setting, you can compete on the exact words as all of Quordle’s players that day. You can view the required number of guesses to complete the puzzle and evaluate your performance in comparison to other players. Another option is to take a screenshot of your completed puzzle and share it on social media. Any time you visit,, or, you’ll see an icon for the daily puzzle in the upper right corner. Clicking that will take you to the daily puzzle mode. Just before you start the game, you get to pick your language and word length preference.

Recent Quordle Popularity and Growth

Quordle has a large fanbase despite its youth. Due to its accessibility and addiction potential, the game is popular. The game’s colored dots offer strategy, which many players like. Social media has contributed to the game’s stratospheric increase in popularity in recent months. Quordle’s exposure has expanded because many people tweet about their games and results on Instagram and Twitter.

How Are Quordle and Wordle Different?

Wordle and Quordle are similar in some ways, yet they differ significantly in others. In contrast to Wordle, which only asks players to guess one word, Quordle challenges them to identify four words simultaneously. You might even say that Quordle is four times as good as Wordle. Playing the game will offer you nine opportunities to guess every phrase. Finding all the words takes a lot of time, and even if the extra chances sound good, they quickly disappear.

Even though Wordle only offers two modes, Quordle offers three. All players get one chance each day to complete Quordles. But there’s also a Sequence mode that shows you just the unanswered words one after the other. With ten cases instead of nine, players can unlock the next board after solving the previous one. In addition, there is a practice mode that provides an infinite number of opportunities, allowing you to practice as much as you like without worrying about losing your progress. A large number of angry Wordle users would greatly appreciate this.

Comparing Quordle to Other Word Games

Though it’s not the only word game available, Quordle stands out because of its unique features. To begin with, the use of coloured dots as clues is an original touch that ups the game’s strategic value. Plus, it’s not as difficult as other games, as you only have to guess five-letter words instead of six-letter ones. However, there are many additional possibilities available for you to explore if you enjoy word games. Word games with friends, Boggle, and Scrabble are all well-liked options since they provide different takes on the classic game.

The Bottom Line

Wordle serves as the basis for Quordle, a fun and demanding word game that adds some exciting twists to make it even more challenging. Try your hand at Quordle and see how many words you can guess in nine attempts if you enjoy word games and riddles. You can play Quordle in a variety of languages and word lengths, compete with other players in the daily puzzle mode, and find or make your own Quordle puzzles using a variety of tools and websites. Try out Quordle if you haven’t already! A new favourite word game could be waiting for you. And if you’re already hooked to Quordle, why not test your friends and family’s mettle against one other? Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of Quordle and how it differs from Wordle after reading this post.


How did Quordle come to be?

Freddie Meyer, a dedicated fan, drew inspiration from the Wordle-like game Dordle to create Quordle. As a result, they were able to design the original and subsequent versions of the game.

Is there a cost to play Quordle?

You may play Quordle and all of its modes for free. Hopefully, the game will continue to be accessible to play for some time to come because Meyer has stated that he has no intentions to make money off of it.

How to play Quordle?

Go on over to to start playing now. Be sure to check back for our comprehensive Quordle guide in the event that you require any additional assistance.

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