Users of Telegram Can Now Enjoy FREE Story Reposting!

Users of Telegram Can Now Enjoy FREE Story Reposting!

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December 3, 2023

Telegram keeps up with technology by producing an app for Apple’s Vision Pro AR/VR headset or adding new functionality. In its newest version, the messaging app added several new features and gave free users access to Premium services.

There are a tonne of new features coming to Telegram for iOS and Android, like the ability to repost stories and change the colors of your profile page. Presented here are a few of the most recent additions to Telegram. Some of the new features coming to the widely used instant messaging program Telegram include a free transcription service, the option to have video in stories, and the ability to repost stories from friends and other channels. Get a glimpse of some of the latest Telegram features—available on both iOS and Android—with this brief overview.

Personalize your profile with your choice of colors

Users of Telegram Can Now Enjoy FREE Story Reposting!
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Among the many personalization choices available to Telegram Premium users is the ability to choose the hue of their name and the background color of their responses. New to the most recent version of Telegram is the ability for Premium users to personalize their profiles with logos and custom color schemes. Go to “Settings,” then “Chat Settings,” and finally “Change Your Colour” to personalize your Android profile. The ‘Your Colour’ option in the ‘Appearance’ section is where iOS users may locate this choice.

Stories to Repost

You can now report news from your favorite channels and other users’ accounts in the most recent Telegram version. Reposting an article allows users to add audio, text, and video comments to their account. Just as an individual’s tales can have different visibility settings, so can reposted stories.
Locate comparable channels

Countless people use Telegram Channels to stay informed about current events, communicate with others, participate in debates, and much more besides. Now, the app will display a list of related channels that users may find attractive when they join a specific channel. The list only shows public media.

Freely transcribe audio and video communications

Telegram has just made the voice-to-text transcribe feature available to all users, not just Premium subscribers. Unfortunately, there is a weekly limit of 2 audio and video messages that individuals without Premium membership are unable to transcribe.

Share short videos on Stories

A new video message feature is coming to Telegram stories. You may simply move and resize these messages to any location on the screen. You may also use this function to add video reactions to stories you wish to share. In the story editor, you may easily record a video message by holding down the camera symbol. To adjust the volume, just hold down the video track that shows at the bottom of the screen.

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