WhatsApp Web Users Can Connect With Others Without Disclosing Their Phone Numbers: Here Is How?

WhatsApp Web Users Can Connect With Others Without Disclosing Their Phone Numbers: Here Is How?

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December 29, 2023

WhatsApp users can soon connect without sharing phone numbers. A new feature for the messaging platform is under development.

WhatsApp Web Users Can Connect With Others Without Disclosing Their Phone Numbers

Every day, billions of people use WhatsApp to communicate. We’ve all had to WhatsApp a stranger but don’t want to share our number. You call a cab, and the driver asks for your position, but you don’t want them to know your WhatsApp number. The instant messaging network has seen such occurrences and wants to improve customer privacy. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is developing a feature that would let users communicate without sharing phone numbers.

WhatsApp will allow phone number-free connection.

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According to WA beta Info, whatsApp users on Android and the web can create a username to personalize their profiles. A unique identity will make connecting with friends, family, and contacts easier. Choosing a username keeps a user’s phone number hidden. This enhanced security allows users to converse without sharing their contact info. Also, users can change their username anytime. Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a web client username creation feature. This feature will allow users to personalize their accounts and interact with others using a unique identifier, making it easier to find and connect with friends, family, and contacts on the platform. In addition, connecting via username doesn’t reveal phone numbers. This feature promises to give WhatsApp users more privacy and improve communication across mobile and online platforms. According to the source, a future web client upgrade will allow users to create usernames.

WhatsApp is developing a feature that lets video callers share their screens and listen to videos and music. Users can listen to video and music simultaneously during a video call with the iOS and Android capabilities, improving multimedia collaboration.

WhatsApp is also developing a function to look for other users using this unique username.

The screenshot from WA Beta Info showed that users can search for others using their username. Thus, WhatsApp users can find others by typing their username instead of their phone number. Both mobile and online app versions will have this capability.

New WhatsApp web dark mode

An earlier WA Beta Info article claimed that WhatsApp is working on a new background color for its dark web theme to alleviate eye strain in low-light conditions. A source said the shade would be “specifically tailored for the dark theme.”

According to the research, a modest but significant modification from #111b20 to #12181c will improve interface visual appeal and reduce eye strain. WhatsApp still needs to verify this change. However, the article stated that select beta testers will receive it in a future release. WhatsApp is also changing its web sidebar.

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