Apple HomePod With ‘Curved Display’ Tipped Again: Know Everything

Apple HomePod With ‘Curved Display’ Tipped Again: Know Everything

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Tech, Published On
December 28, 2023

An LCD screen, a first for Apple’s smart speaker series, is in the works for a redesigned HomePod. Here is all the information regarding the device circulating a lot.

Since the release of the original HomePod in 2018, the iPhone manufacturer has introduced two further iterations of the smart speaker in addition to the HomePod Mini. Although the second generation is an improvement over the first in many ways, the project as a whole has not been rethought. However, according to Apple insider Kosutami, this might soon change when the company unveils a massive makeover featuring a curved LCD panel.

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Although there have been whispers of the possible upgrade since October, the source has recently divulged fresh details. She has released what could be the product’s top casing and claims that the upcoming HomePod, codenamed B720, would include a curved display panel on top of the speaker. It is anticipated that all other aspects will stay unchanged.

The source did reveal the same thing earlier this year when they leaked its components. Apple analysts Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo have speculated that the tech company is developing a HomePod with a screen.

It will be interesting to observe how the purported display in the HomePod is put to use once it is released. So far, rumours are that Apple might provide a hazy animation that changes depending on the music or album cover. In addition, users might be able to respond to messages and take calls using it.

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There is presently no information available regarding the release date of this improved HomePod other than the leaked components. This information should be regarded with scepticism until Apple makes an official announcement; production plans are subject to last-minute changes.

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