Olivia Rodrigo’s Rage-Filled Performance at the Saturday Night Live Leaves Fans In Awe

Olivia Rodrigo’s Rage-Filled Performance at the Saturday Night Live Leaves Fans In Awe

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Celebrity, Published On
December 11, 2023

Rodrigo and Adam-Drive return to SNL on Dec 9 to deliver a great episode with the 20-year-old singer giving outstanding performances of her two chart-topping songs.


The songwriter/singer Olivia Rodrigo appeared on the late-night comedy sketch as a musical guest on December 9 hosted by the talented, House of Gucci actor Adam Driver. For her two performances, Rodrigo chose “all-American-bitch” and “Vampire” from her chart-topping album Guts.

She gave one of the beautiful renditions of her songs, with one being an emotionally stripped-down piano version performance while crushed it at the electrifying performance of “all-American bitch“.

Olivia’s Ensemble on the SNL

Rodrigo is always known for teenage-style yet quirky looks whenever she’s on stage and this time was no exception.

The 20-year-old singer made a stylish appearance for her first song “Vampire” where she donned a chic, halter dress pulling her hair in a very elegant sleek back-bun. The look felt complete when you would spot the rings on her hand that spelled out GUTS. The slicked-back bun look complimented her calm, soothing piano performance.

At the end of the episode, the singer was sitting behind the large dining room table and began a killer opener from her second song of the sophomore album, GUTS “All American bitch”. The whole setup with the dancers dressed up as maids and her voice gave a dining room filled with rage and sends out the perfect rebellious energy.

During this performance, Olivia wore a pink mini-dress paired it with her knee-high tights, and climbed onto the table. The aura of the performance intensified when the singer stomped on the cakes that were placed on the table, complementing the female rage for the song. She nailed the performance when there was a slight imitation of Rodrigo stabbing someone.

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This episode of Saturday Night Live which aired on December 9th was hosted by Driver for the fourth time and featured Rodrigo as the musical guest, who has been on the show twice now.

This episode followed her debut performance in May 2021, during which she performed her Number 1 hits on Billboard, “Good 4 U” and the infamous “Drivers License” from her album “Sour.”

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