Kanye West’s New Wife Bianca Censori Feels “Alone” in Her Marriage And Says She has “no one to talk to”

Kanye West’s New Wife Bianca Censori Feels “Alone” in Her Marriage And Says She has “no one to talk to”

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Celebrity, Published On
December 10, 2023

Exclusive: Amid her stressful marriage with Kanye West, Bianca the 28-year-old Australian Model, confesses to being “alone” and not very happy in this union.

Yezee founder, Kanye West, the grammy-winner, 46-year-old rapper, and fashion icon again made it to the headlines not only for his rough divorce from the businesswoman and TV actress Kim Kardashian but for moving too fast and getting hitched to Bianca in a private ceremony last year in December 2022 after a mere week to his divorce.

There have been constant headlines about the couple spotted after their marriage at several gatherings, events, sweet romance, and for their unique and controversial fashion choices. Regardless, the recent reports and rumors had it that their honeymoon period lapsed and news of their “split” has emerged.

Adding to this sources closely knitted with the couple and made some clarifications as well saying that the couple is not splitting but has been on a “break” since October. There might have been possibilities of challenges and personal discrepancies but no confirmed sources of their split or divorce.

Although Bianca has reportedly expressed feeling stressed and alone, with many days where she has no one to talk to.

The possible split news has shocked a quite few many in the industry as well as the fans. Everyone, including the critics, wondered about the possible mishaps and formulated theories saying the couple’s different lifestyles and busy schedules may have taken a serious toll on their relationship.

Nonetheless, as of till date, neither Kanye West nor Ye nor Bianca has made official statements or comments on the rumors of a split, divorce, or taking a break. Their fans continue to create their theories and are eagerly waiting for the next news about the future of this relationship which is more official and credible.

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