Why Does PPC Don’t Allow CBD Marketing?

Why Does PPC Don’t Allow CBD Marketing?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
June 26, 2022

Several states in the United States are now slowly embracing the legalization of CBD. In point of fact, even a fair few countries have also taken necessary positive measures toward the legalization of CBD for medical and recreational purposes.

However, CBD remains to be banned when it comes to using paid media.

In this section, we will delve into the reasons why PPC is not allowed for weed products.

SEO for CBD Dispensaries: Everything You Need to Know

Upon reading the first portions of this article, you might have wondered what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the process of enhancing the chances of visibility of a website on systematized or unpaid search engine result pages (SERPs) by integrating search engine-friendly components into the website involved.

In simple words, the higher the rank of a particular website on search results pages is, the higher the possibility that more visitors will be received from search engines, thus, further increasing the prospects of converting these visitors into actual customers.

Basically, SEO is the manner used to improve a particular website’s visibility in unpaid search results.

Why is SEO Needed for Medical CBD Dispensary Marketing?

With the continuous expansion of countries adopting the legalization of CBD, digital marketing may come in handy for both vendors and users. Taking into account the definition of SEO mentioned above, it may really be an essential part of a particular dispensary marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for dispensary marketing refers to the unpaid digital marketing strategy of constructing suitable driven scope for your website in order to drive qualified traffic to your website, e-market, and a retail dispensary.

Legal CBD companies and dispensaries would be able to produce awareness, drive relevant traffic, and boost their sales without consolidated advertising restrictions on social platforms and paid search channels.

In most cases, searches are conducted through a mobile phone. The majority of people are also putting their trust in using search engines to solve their problems. Thus, it is highly critical that your dispensary should appear on the first page of these unpaid search results.

Having a good medical CBD dispensary SEO plan drives search engines to put up your products on higher ranks for people who are looking for solutions. Not only does this enhance the potential customers to discover your website, but it also helps you get a heightened rise in your unpaid traffic.

Below are some of the benefits of CBD dispensary SEO:

Business and Sales Growth

Since SEO is always on-trend, the increasingly positive effects it comes with can significantly help attract customers. Increased sales and business growth may come as a result of using SEO in building your brand.

Adaptable and Reliable

As far as the rules of investment in the CBD dispensary market are concerned, SEO may be the most dependable marketing strategy available. In addition, SEO does not limit or confine to a certain industry. A variety of content is allowed to be published, from web pages to blogs; SEO is unrestricted to all sectors.

Outranking Possible Contenders For Free

One of the best reasons why you should resort to SEO is it does not require money to get started. All you need is a good CBD dispensary SEO plan.

Dispensary PPC

Advertisements under pay-per-click, or PPC, refers to the computer-based advertisement that only demands payment from you whenever someone clicks on your ad. Among the largest, most prominent types of PPC ads available include Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.

However, these huge platforms have explicitly expressed the prohibition of PPC weed marketing.

Why do Large Platforms Prohibit Using Paid Media for Weed and Other Recreational Medicines?

When it comes to digital advertising, these massive platforms can be quite challenging to reach. In general, big companies such as Google and Facebook do not allow the use of PPC despite the legalization of the medicine at a regional level, primarily because nationally.

This medicine is still deemed illegal and is still in the deciding process of whether they should legalize or not. Hence, bad reputations for these companies may arise if they do not abide by these rules.

Google has its legal policies when it comes to weed marketing, where it strictly prohibits the advertisement of synthetic or legal highs, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and chemicals that yield psychoactive consequences.

In a similar sense, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have policies similar to that of Google, which could serve as an explanation as to why they do not approve the advertisement of weed.

What are These Large Platforms Doing to Address This Issue?

In spite of the rules and regulations that prohibit the use of PPC in advertising these medicines, Google donated over $224,000 to Michigan Compassion, which is a medical institution that primarily advocates for recreational medicines such as CBD.

Moreover, some terms are still allowed to be advertised and used. Companies who are planning to use Google as a platform should have a thorough plan in choosing keywords and check if Google allows them or not.

One may also consider hiring a professional to make sure the planned advertisement abides by the legal norms. In a similar sense, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may also be used as long as there is a compromise.

Advertising on the side of cautiousness and vigilance is best when using PPC advertisement. It is absolutely necessary for vendors to plan the keywords they will use in marketing their products using these platforms.

In line with this, marketers should always be open to new keywords as these may be the key to preventing these platforms from banning and removing your product or even webpage at any given rate.


Using SEO and PPC may come in handy in marketing medicinal products, considering the population it will be able to reach. With the use of PPC, your dispensary can quickly draw attention and attract potential customers. Similarly, SEO is quite flexible compared to PPC as it is not confined to a single sector.

Nonetheless, whether you choose SEO or PPC in marketing your products, you should always be cautious and have a thorough plan before resorting to this.

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