Top 6 Features To Help You Boost YouTube Views

Top 6 Features To Help You Boost YouTube Views

Written by Alison Lurie, In Marketing, Published On
November 12, 2022

YouTube is a platform with several content creators and everyone is struggling to get more views. Getting views depends on the content you are creating. However, there are several tools and features that can help you to generate more YouTube views, of course, legally. Well! Here we are going to talk about different features on YouTube that will help you get more organic views. So without further delay, let’s start with the article.

Top 6 Features To Help You Boost YouTube Views

Boost YouTube Views

  • Channel Dashboard

Have you heard about YouTube Studio? Well! It is a dashboard for your channel that will track the performance of your content as well as the channel. This will also let you know about all the latest trends, comments, and news that are buzzing on the YouTube platform.

You will be able to use this dashboard if you want to learn more about how your videos are performing and why isn’t some contents getting more views. Basically, you will be able to shape and strategize your channel as per the data you get here.

If you want to go to the Studio dashboard, all you need to do is to open your channel and then click on the blue YouTube Studio button. After that, you will be directly sent to the channel dashboard where you will be able to view every data.

  • Search Optimization Tools

YouTube might not have created channel’s about pages, video titles, and video descriptions for the sake of SEO but these are equally important if you want to gain more views.

Apart from optimizing your content by filling in the description part, you will be able to customize the channel or a video by using related keywords that go with the niche or your industry.

If you fill out the descriptions informatively and concisely, you will be able to increase the chance of viewers finding you while they search for a relevant keyword.

You will find a lot of tools available online for you to do keyword research. This will help you to find relevant keywords for your content and reach more people. Eventually, you will gain more views which is very important to stay active on the YouTube platform.

  • Channel Analytics

There is an analytics tab available in the YouTube Studio that allows you to view data regarding your videos. You will be able to see how your overall channel is performing. While looking at data will not directly fetch your views but you will be able to get information regarding which video is getting more views.

This will eventually help you to look at the average view times and research more about the reason behind getting more views. You will be able to decide how to get more views with your new content and make it better.

With the analytics tab, you will be able to see a number of useful data including:

  • Channel-specific views as well as subscribers
  • View numbers for each content
  • Average view time for each video content
  • Demographic details about the audience along with their interests.
  • Playlist Autoplay or Featured Video

On your primary YouTube channel, you will be able to feature a playlist or a video that will help you to welcome all the new subscribers. It will further help in intriguing viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Right at this point, YouTube will even allow you to set a different video for subscribers and new viewers.

It means that you can create introductory or informative content and can convince new visitors to subscribe while you still feature content have more depth for the current followers who are already present in your channel. If you want to update any featured content, you need to click the Customize Channel button present on your profile. You will land on a page that will let you personalize your featured content and images.

  • YouTube Live Streaming

Boost YouTube Views

These days every social media platform brings new features to their platform and Live streaming is one of the best trending features. If you are a bigger channel or tiny everyone love to connect with their audience and streaming makes it easy. There are many options available that you can use to get more YouTube Stream viewership for your channel. The cost depends on the quantity you choose and your budget. You can use this option for events etc. With this, you can boost your subscriber count and other YT video views as well.

  • Links in Video Description

While you will be writing blogs, you will be able to link them to other blog posts or pages available on your site. This will help you to gain more visitors. And there is nothing different with the YouTube descriptions that appears right under the video.

You will be able to add links to your channel or other related videos along with a quick description of each title. In fact, you will be able to handpick content suggestions for your viewers while you optimize the video as well as a channel for the search engines.

Content promotion will help you gain more traffics from outside. If you get a better rate of engagement using comments, then you will be able to gain more views. Keep in mind that you are sure about what kind of content you are promoting and what is your customer base.

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