How Marketers Can Level Up Their Brand Activations with Portable Digital Billboards

How Marketers Can Level Up Their Brand Activations with Portable Digital Billboards

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
November 15, 2022

Marketers are always looking for new ways to drive engagement, and increasingly, they’re turning to brand activations to cut through the clutter of online advertising and reach their audiences directly.

Brand activations may not have the widespread reach that media advertising can achieve, but they deliver in another way. They create more meaningful engagements with a brand, building a reputation as a name that consumers can trust and that they associate with a certain lifestyle and values.

Sponsorships and activations at big events can still attract large numbers of people, but the ROI of brand activation isn’t just reached. It’s the quality of the engagement that is unmatched by just about any other type of campaign.

Marketers and companies running their own activations can elevate their next activation by incorporating portable digital billboards into their campaigns. Digital billboards have a huge visual impact, and there’s so much more they can do as well.

How To Increase Brand Activations with Portable Digital Billboards

Portable Digital Billboards branding

  • Dynamic Advertising in Any Environment

Today’s digital signage rentals can go anywhere without sacrificing any of the quality or capabilities you get from indoor digital billboards. The right portable digital billboard solution can be installed with just a forklift in any environment. They’re the ideal solution for outdoor campaigns, such as sponsorship activations and events that takes place out in public.

Make sure the digital billboards you rent are rated for high winds and weather and that they are easy to install without having to build any cumbersome structures.

Portable digital billboards can be used by marketers in any number of ways for their activations.

  • Ads & Video Campaigns

Dynamic, high-quality video advertising gets more attention than print billboards. Movement is known to draw the eye, and it will be more effective at getting attention in a crowded, busy atmosphere like a festival or busy commercial environment.

Digital billboards also give you more flexibility to program a playlist or respond in real-time to things like social media engagement.

  • QR Code Triggers

The return of the QR code has opened up new possibilities for engaging through digital billboards. When you get audiences to use QR code triggers via portable digital billboards, you have a new way to drive engagement, track results, and acquire new users. It opens the door to building a direct relationship with your audience, meaning your activation can pay dividends down the road.

  • Gamification

Gamification is a great strategy for engaging audiences and turning them into participants in your activation. There are a few technologies your digital billboards need to facilitate gamification:

  • Touch and gesture control
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Augmented Reality activations
  • Mobile notifications or leaderboards

Custom-built gamification experiences can drive your activation.

  • Social Media Visualization

Integrating social media into your video campaign is a great strategy for live events and sponsorship activations. Whether you’re building buzz with your campaign or putting the focus on the event itself, you can drive engagement with live social media visualizations appearing on-screen.

Digital billboards can elevate your activations and help you drive engagement, turning new audiences into new customers. Marketers and brands should look into their portable digital billboard options before they launch their next campaigns.

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