How can QR Codes be in Marketing Campaigns?

How can QR Codes be in Marketing Campaigns?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
June 8, 2023

QR (Quick Response) codes are almost everywhere these days; you don’t even have to leave the house for that; it’s around you as well. From a snack that you bought from the corner store to the email that you received an hour ago, QR codes are part of these things now.

The efficiency of these codes depends on effectiveness; how can they help companies in achieving their goals. From contactless payments to reaching new customers, QR codes have found their way into a lot of fields. If you haven’t made QR codes a part of your digital marketing strategy, now is the right time to do it.

Digital marketing campaigns with QR codes are a creative way to connect to new audiences and increase the number of potential customers. With the help of a stable internet connection, like Mediacom, QR codes can actually give results as the speed of the internet is important for quick response. Contact CenturyLink Internet now and get more information about its fast-speed plans.

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Marketing Campaign

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Here are all the benefits and ways of using QR codes in a marketing campaign.

  • QR Codes on Billboards

In order to direct a wider audience to targeted information, QR codes are being largely used as part of roadside advertisements. Big brands like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein have been using this technique for a long time now. Billboards attract more people, especially the ones besides traffic signals.

Putting a QR code on the board may make people scan it while they wait for the light to go green. This is a great marketing technique because people may not buy the thing right there but will definitely think about it later, increasing the number of potential sales. You need to make sure that the code on the billboard is big enough for people to be able to scan it otherwise it’s just a waste of space and money.

  • Customized QR Codes

Here is a chance for brands, big or small, to leave an imprint on the minds of their customers. There is no longer a need to put the same old boring black-and-white QR codes for audiences. Brands can now put on their own brand colors on the code to stand out from the rest. The black and white codes are forgettable but the ones with brand colors will carry the brand identity.

But there are things to be considered before going into colored QR codes. First, keep in mind that not all phones will have the capacity to scan such a complex QR code. While you can definitely use brand colors, keep it as simple and readable as possible so that it can be scanned.

  • QR Codes on Social Media

The best place for any digital marketing campaign is social media and the same is the case with using QR codes as well. It won’t be wrong to say that QR codes and social media are like a match made in heaven. These codes make it easier for the audience to share content on social media, the way it was done by Snapchat in 2015.

A similar feature was also used by Instagram in 2018, called nametag, which was used to find a specific profile. In 2020, this feature was turned all into the QR code, which is a signal that the codes are here to stay and aren’t dead as some may claim. The reason behind this is that people now know more about QR technology and know how to use them properly.

  • To Download Apps

An excellent way to bring QR codes into play is by using them for people to directly download an app. More and more people are switching from using websites to apps and QR codes can increase the pace of this transition. This was done by Burger King when a QR code was released in a video that made it possible for people to download their app.

Making people use apps is easier for the brands as it can be customized which increases the number of potential sales. Downloading apps via QR code is a hassle-free way to do it and thus can attract more people to it.

  • Banner Advertising

Banners can be displayed and distributed everywhere, you don’t need anything to get to this audience. Display it by the road, in the shopping mall or throw it inside someone’s house; the reach is amazing. Putting QR codes on banners can make people perform the task more than any other way.

This is a great way to connect online marketing to offline marketing in a way that actually works. It also creates space to add more information as the banner has limited space and can’t have all the desired information. Just use a catchy line to make people scan the code and they can be directed to a larger piece of content that couldn’t fit on the banner.


QR codes are a great way to carry out a digital marketing campaign; these are hassle-free to generate and give people an easy way to connect to the brand, its products and services as well.

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