Everything About Digital Marketing

Everything About Digital Marketing

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Updated On
April 9th, 2024

TV is dead, and digital marketing is taking over. There’s a good reason for that. Everybody’s tired of being fed with ads, so much so that they can’t take it anymore. If you pay for a service, you want to have the most of it. However, the television wasn’t doing so. And lots of money was paid for TV subscriptions. What did we get in return? Twenty minutes-breaks for a one-hour TV show. So when the Internet “dropped by”, people started losing their minds over it, which is understandable. Even though more ads than ever are shown, one thing is sure: The Internet is much better than the TV or newspapers.

So what happened? The old marketers have been replaced by the new-era ones, who know how to get under your skin without annoying you. This is a more elegant way of selling whatever you want, and it is more profitable.

Comparing the two types of marketing, we can say that digital marketing is more profitable, as you can track your users’ journey on your website. Moreover, more people are on the Internet than watch TV. That’s because the Ads are more targeted and specific to anyone’s stage in life. And we want to target ads, not an ad about sleeping creams that save our lives. If we wanted that, we could go to the store and search for it.

If you want to know who’s behind the scenes, the answer is simple: there are two actors: the search engines & social media companies and the marketers. You aren’t a direct client of these. You get to them through the marketers.

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So what is more precisely this “digital marketing”?

Simply put, it’s reaching customers using the channels provided. There are three primary channels: social media, email marketing, and search engines. Each is unique, and to become a full-stack marketer, you have to learn them all. In other words, one marketer rules them all.

There are many search engines, but the most used are Google, Bing, and Yandex. Google is the best of these three, even though the other two are pretty good, too. Many people don’t even use Google, so you should check out advertising on the rest of them.

Types Of Traffic

There are two types of traffic that apply to social media techniques. The first is organic traffic, meaning you don’t have to pay for anything on the platform. You only pay for the domain name, hosting, website theme, and, eventually, the agency doing your marketing strategy. Regarding search engine traffic, it’s the best way of acquiring visibility. Through Google, for example, people search for businesses like yours every day. Billions of searches are done on Google daily.

Let’s say that you have a business that sells shoes. You want to be shown on the first page of Google because 75% of users don’t make it on the second page of search results. It seems more trustworthy to them to only click on the 1st page. Moreover, besides the organic results, it would be best if you did ads. That’s because the more present you are online, the better. It is helpful to learn Google Ads while you are learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Otherwise, it will be tough for you to catch up. The whole process can end up being more than two years.

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After you learn these two, you should also start advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to remind your users about you. These are good for remarketing results. Why?

If, for any reason, your potential customers forget to click the “Check out” button and go to other sites, you should remind them that you are still here and you want them to see the value of your product. So remember, do Google marketing, then move on to social media marketing, as it is one of the final steps.

Email marketing is beneficial; however, it seems more complex and challenging to acquire leads that sign up for your newsletter, too. People can opt out anytime, which means you risk losing your potential customers by spamming them too much. Moreover, it would be best to segment your audience by age, gender, etc., to offer them more relevant ads.

What bothers internet marketers is that nobody knows how far this can go. Yes, they are making money online, and yes, they can work from wherever they want. Nevertheless, for how long can this continue? Will this ever stop working, just like it did stop working for TV?

Sadly, TV channels can only earn money by selling backlinks. That’s when you know things are dead. Of course, there are still people paying for Ads on TV, but now there are only a few of them, and you cannot ever know whether your clients came to your site because they saw an Ad on TV regarding your business or if there’s something else.

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With more affordable marketing prices, digital marketing is, subsequently, the best way of advertising. You don’t have to pay millions for billboards anymore. All you have to do is put your Ad online, and you’ve got this figured out. Whether it’s through Google, Facebook, or any other platform, how you advertise doesn’t matter as long as the Return on Investment (ROI) is as high as Snoop Dogg.


In conclusion, the new era we’re living in is simply fascinating. The TV has been replaced by the Internet, Google, and Social Media platforms, which have more detailed ads. Plus, you can see any profile on Facebook. If you want to know more about these companies’ work, check out the GPU rent online services and start building the next Google yourself!

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