8 Tips To Keep Your Brand’s Social Media Feeds Fresh

8 Tips To Keep Your Brand’s Social Media Feeds Fresh

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
May 1, 2021
Last modified on November 24th, 2022

Do you know why managing social media accounts and campaigns is the toughest part of the job? It is because you need to come up with new content ideas every time to upload a post on social media accounts.

Social media marketers have to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time and keep them updated with the latest content.

However, due to the lack of content ideas, social media marketing managers end up reposting the older content repeatedly to keep their social media accounts active.

Social media campaigns are not just to keep your social profile active, but it is about staying socially connected with your customers and followers by delivering them valuable content. Social media content should be a blend of various content types which can be informative, educational, interesting, and entertain followers by enhancing their life. And most importantly, you must be aware of How To Increase Followers On Social Media.

These are the major factors that your customers are looking for while connecting with your social media account.

So here in this article, we are going to guide you through the top 8 social media content ideas to keep your brand active as well as sharing fresh feeds every time to your followers.

Let’s begin!

8 Ideas To Keep Your Brand’s Social Media Feeds Creative & Lively

1. Plan Your Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Social Media Activity

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The first tip to start with is to plan the social media content for the entire month. This content calendar helps you manage the content for your social media account prior to the day of uploading a post. You can decide the content topic for the day, an entire week, or month by assigning a particular day & date of publication so that you will have the content ready in your hand a day or week before.

It is the best way to create fresh new content for your social media profiles and deliver unique content to your follower’s social media feeds.

2. Create Small Video Clips

source – techsmith.com

Instead of creating text posts using graphics and all, it is better to create a small video clip of the content that you want to deliver to your audience. Video content is easy to digest and engaging as compared to text-based content.

Make sure to keep the video clips for less than 30 seconds, it will be social media friendly as social media also a 30-second video clip as a default of large videos.

Small video clips are easy to engage and grab the attention of viewers instantly when they are going through their social media feeds.

3. Share Latest Updates Related To Industry

As a brand or business, you might have fallen into some specific category of industry. To stay relevant and catch up easily with your followers, keep them updated with the latest industry trends, news, technology innovations, etc.

This will also help you to build a strong image of your social media profile with the audience and they find your social media account a reliable source of information related to your industry.

4. Run A Hashtag Campaign

4. Run A Hashtag Campaign
Source – hashslider.com

If you want to get a regular update of content for your social media feeds even if your content creation team is not there or you didn’t plan the content calendar, running a hashtag campaign is the right way to keep the social media feeds fresh and alive.

Create a unique hashtag and use an attractive phrase for your hashtag so that your followers and fans find it interesting to create content using your hashtag.

Now you don’t have to worry about the content, your social media followers will do for you and spread the word for your company with people.

5. Promote Brand Through Giveaways

source – shanebarker.com

To drive enormous engagement of your followers with your social media content then announcing giveaways is perfect for your social media content strategy.

While promoting your giveaways you also do not require to update any new content for a long time till the giveaway campaign ends.

In this duration, you will also find enough time to build your social media content strategy and topic ideas for next week or month.

6. Start Collaboration With Other Brand

To encourage more content ideas and boost the fresh social media feeds, collaboration with other popular or industry leaders or social media influencers can give you new content ideas.

Find the popular social media influencers creating similar niche content or collaborate with brands that make it useful for your followers.

The collaboration content can be placed similarly on both of the social media accounts. This way you will get new and fresh content to update for your social media feeds.

7. Go Live On Social Media

source – simplilearn.com

To keep your followers’ social media feeds active with your social media account content, going Live is another best way to create content for your social media channel.

Make sure to record the Live session because you can use the video clips to make small video clips out of it or even capture pictures displaying the engagement or reactions of the audience.

8. Repost User-Generated Content


Earlier we have discussed the hashtag campaign, so now here comes its use case. Do you know how you will use the content created during the hashtag campaign?

User-generated content is a type of content that your customers, followers, or fans create without any force from the brand or business.

Social media users willingly create content for your brand, mentioning your brand through hashtags, mentions, or tagging your social media profile in their social media content.

If you are running out of ideas or your content creation team is busy with other projects, user-generated content will be a ray of hope to keep your social media account updated with fresh new content which is also engaging and attractive.


When everyone is promoting their business and products on social media, how can you stay back from social media marketing?

Using these social media content ideas, you can easily create an effective content playlist for your social media account and keep the social media feeds always fresh, updated, and drive enormous engagement of followers to your branded content.

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