6 Truly Exceptional Content Marketing Examples You’ll Want to Model After

6 Truly Exceptional Content Marketing Examples You’ll Want to Model After

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
June 1, 2021
Last modified on June 18th, 2021

Do you think that only the videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs play an important role in content marketing? The answer is no. As compared to the internet, a long time has been spent on content marketing. We usually tell a story in content marketing.

Let us understand it with an example. In 1982, “G.I. Joe – A Real American Hero!” which was a series of comic books, was launched when Marvel worked in cooperation with Hasbro. They were having certain action figures and for those they wanted a perfect backstory. You will be surprised to know that among their target audience, 20 % of boys started purchasing toys just a few days after their comic book was released for the first time. So, what do you understand from this example? In product marketing, the content has played a major role here.

But today a lot of changes have occurred. Now in content marketing:

  • You have to define the topic

  • You need to give its overview

  • Follow a perfect strategy

  • Tell the history

  • Identify the requirement for content marketing

  • As per the journey of the customer you need to do mapping of the content

  • Use social media

  • Take the help of live video

  • Do paid advertising

  • Learn some tricks and tips that are additional

  • Perform the work offline as well as online

How will you define content marketing?

In order to provide content of high quality to the target audience, it is possible to create a strong relationship with them by taking help from a strategy that can benefit you in the long term known as content marketing.

Here are the 6 truly exceptional content marketing examples

1. Lush –


For reaching the audience some techniques of content marketing are followed by Lush. The core audience knows the brand very well because of two reasons:

  • Its ethical values

  • Product names that are quirky

It has so many followers on Instagram. Currently it uses various products. For hash tagging the products’ photos and sharing these, it encourages the people who use Lush. How has a particular product been made? It includes all that in the videos.

2. Buzzstream –


In the industry, it tried to become a thought leader by using:

  • Gated content

  • Blog content that is evergreen

  • Guest content after performing a heavy research

Combining all these types of content and using these is the goal of Buzzstream.

3. Burberry –


For connecting with the people, a lot of individuals used technology on mobile phones where Burberry Kisses, a popular campaign of content marketing was used by Burberry. Here a digital kiss can be sent to your loved ones by using the screen of a mobile phone and pressing your lips on it. All this becomes possible with the help of an app.

4. Charmin –


An app known as Squat or Sit can be used in TV ads for creating humor and the brand took benefit from this app. As per the requirement of the individuals, finding the bathrooms that are clean becomes easy for the people via this app. Because of this the brand has gained a lot of popularity and a large number of people have downloaded this app.

5. Grant Thornton –


Having a percentage of around 115 %, the objectives of Grant Thornton were accomplished on YouTube. Their reach on Facebook has been increased a lot and they got a lot of impressions on Twitter which were nearly 3.7 million. Along with this on Twitter and YouTube, content that was exclusive was shown by Grant Thornton in the Tony Awards. Forgiving out all this data, Grant Thornton took the help from Data Analytics.

6. Coca-Cola –


In order to attract a large number of people towards Coca-Cola, the brand used a feature of personalization. On the bottles around 150 names were put by the people of Australia when they introduced the Share a Coke campaign in that country. Because of this, the people of Australia purchased so many cans and bottles of Coca-Cola that were around 250 million in number. After this, the brand tried to do the same in other countries also.

If you want to have a better knowledge of content marketing then it will be good for you to take advice from some popular digital marketing experts.

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