5 Reasons Why Stock Audio is a MUST for Social Media Creators

5 Reasons Why Stock Audio is a MUST for Social Media Creators

Written by Moli Mishra, In Marketing, Published On
January 3, 2024

Building a brand on social media requires constant attention and engagement. It can be challenging to produce the endless flow of content your audience demands. It can also be expensive, especially for those who are still building the foundation of their fanbase.

Luckily, some resources allow you to create better content faster without breaking the bank. One of those is stock audio.

Stock audio is pre-recorded music, sound effects, vocalizations, and more that you can use in your content. Some stock audio is free, and other clips cost money. Every stock audio clip you add to your library makes creating new content that halts scrollers and earns clicks easier.

Top 5 Reasons Why Stock Audio is Essential for Social Media Creators

Stock Audio

Here are a few reasons to explore stock audio for social media now.

No Recording Necessary

Recording your audio takes time, and time is money. And we’re just talking about recording basic sounds and music.

Recording sound effects takes way more effort than you can imagine. We’re talking about investing in special mics, equipment, and software to record a simple door creak. It’s not worth the effort when you can access entire libraries of sounds and music online with a click. And a lot of it is free!

Find a sound you like. Instantly add it to your video editing software, and you’re ready to publish. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

It’s Affordable

Sock audio doesn’t require a significant investment. Some stock music services allow you to subscribe to their library for less than $20 monthly. And sound effects may cost pennies.

DIYing might seem like the cheaper way to go, but it isn’t when you need to create content at scale. You don’t have enough time (unless you have an entire marketing and recording team).

Most social media platforms recommend that businesses post 1-2 times daily.

If you’re on Facebook, X, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok, you should aim to achieve a minimum of 35-70 weekly posts across platforms.

Investing in high-quality audio is the cheapest and most efficient way to create content if you’re serious about growth.

It’s Reusable

When you find sound effects and music you like, you can use them repeatedly without reinvesting more cash.

But why would you want to reuse the same sounds? Isn’t that lazy?

No way. That’s why brands and shows have theme songs. Developing a recognizable sound will help your audience recognize your content instantly. And in our scrolling culture, rapid brand recognition can make all the difference.

Of course, reusing stock audio will save you money and time.

There are Countless Tracks to Choose From

Are you worried that stock audio isn’t suitable for your brand? Don’t be. There are so many stock music tracks and sound effects that you couldn’t listen to them all in a lifetime.

Thousands of new sounds are added to stock libraries daily, so you’ll never run out of fresh tracks.

This also means that your stock audio will be unique. It’s nearly impossible that any other brand will use the same blend of sound and music that you do. This will ensure you differentiate yourself from the competition without ballooning your costs.

What sort of sound are you looking for? From sea shanties to free jazz to whale calls, you’ll find almost everything you need from stock audio.

It Sounds Great

When people talk about stock footage or audio, you might think of the hokey, cringe content you see in political ads. But stock media has come a long way.

Professionals with the highest recording quality standards produce stock music. Many real musicians and pro audio engineers make stock audio as a part-time gig. Most of it is cinema or studio-quality content.

That’s why the most prominent brands use stock audio in their ads, social media videos, and more. Even luxury brands like Tesla and OMEGA use stock audio.

Chances are, the audio you’re using now is of a lower quality than most stock media. Leveling up your social media content could be as easy as browsing a stock audio library.

Social Media Doesn’t Stop—Don’t Let Your Audio Needs Hold You Back

The demands of social media audiences are growing, and you can’t satisfy your fans without a bit of help. Learn to collect and use stock audio the right way, and you’ll be able to grow your social media presence even on a budget.

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