4 Online Ways to Grow Your Business in 2023

4 Online Ways to Grow Your Business in 2023

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March 22, 2023

Just twenty or thirty years ago nobody knew what ‘to Google something’ meant, and now it’s the number one thing we do when we come across something unfamiliar. Generation Alpha can’t comprehend the fact or they even find it funny that their parents are older than the internet.

Things change, and things change fast. 

For businesses, this means only one thing. Better online visibility. It all comes down to that.

It’s both one of the most challenging times to run a business but also a very inspiring era where motivation comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Using all the online tools and platforms to grow your business is now a must. You certainly won’t be the first to do it. Nor will you beat your competition to it. It’s very easy to get informed now on how to manage everything more efficiently and most successful businesses are already doing it.

So what you CAN do is be constantly up-to-date with the latest technology, use it, and make the most of it.

In this article, we’re trying to keep you informed on all the best online ways that can help your business increase revenue and do better. We hope that what we’ve put up for you will save you some time and energy in doing additional research for 2023.

4 Best Online Methods to Help Your Business Grow

4 Online Ways to Grow Your Business in 2023

If you want to have a successful business in 2023, you have to rely on some other ways of developing your business that differ from the traditional methods. Most of your efforts need to be focused on leaning on online tools, platforms, and systems to improve your business.

Here are some that we’ve found to be the most useful.

  • Hire professional help to improve online visibility

The sooner you face the need to leave this part of the business to professionals, the easier success will come. Let’s face it, creating and maintaining a solid online presence is a complex matter, and rarely do any of the managers or even IT teams know how to do it.  Therefore hiring a professional B2B SEO company will save your life. Or more precisely your business’ life online.

Things in the B2B search engine optimization world can get very complicated very quickly and once you have a company that handles this part, you’ll feel at ease. Not only will you see your online presence grow and your business improve, but you’ll also find that the time and energy you spent trying to do this unsuccessfully probably, can now be put to much better use.

SEO companies have a whole team that works on various aspects of the matter. They create strategies specifically tailored to your business and work towards achieving the goals that you set up. These include more leads for your sales team, more traffic, more conversion, more content, you name it.

The end result is usually bigger revenue and a more stable and successful business. 

These companies and their employees follow the latest trends and changes and work towards putting your business among the most visible online, therefore making it more profitable.

It’s an investment and you must look at it as one. Because in the end, you’ll be glad you did it, because it’ll pay off, and hopefully it’ll become a part of your normal workflow.

  • Use cloud-based e-commerce solutions

Cloud-based e-commerce solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud, offer numerous advantages for your business.

They offer you an isolated online network of resources where you can store, process, back up, and manage your data on the Internet without actually dealing with the infrastructure of it all.

Some very obvious benefits of using cloud e-commerce are the following

  • They incorporate best practices in terms of processes.
  • They are very cost-effective. You only pay for what you use online. It’s an operating cost and not an investment. Therefore it’s easy to pull back whenever you don’t need the service anymore.
  • They’re flexible and dependable. They can be easily operated and are not prone to errors.
  • They offer scalability. As your business grows you can change and scale up your cloud e-commerce on the go.
  • They offer security and easy recovery. If you store your data on the cloud, physical damage such as power shortage or server damage won’t affect your data in any way. It saves a lot of stress caused by losing meaningful information from physical damage to the servers.

So it’s no wonder many businesses are now Cloud oriented and wouldn’t change it. It’s also suitable for new businesses that are just launching. This field is constantly developing and still evolving, so the predictions for the future outlook of cloud-based e-commerce are only positive.

  • Invest in video content

Working on your content marketing in general is not news for 2023 businesses. Everybody is well-informed on the topic and tries their best to offer fresh and interesting content daily.

But the advantages of videos and video content are many, and as technology and social media scale up on daily bases, this type of content becomes the go-to content for marketing. 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023. This is mainly because customers love it and prefer it, and it’s very visible that it creates leads easily.

Why is this so? Videos are preferred for lots of reasons. Some of them being

  • They are more engaging. They’re easier to follow and remember.
  • They can now be viewed with captions, meaning people can watch a video while riding on the bus, sitting at a meeting, or teaching a class.
  • They fit more content than blogs or posts. A video can tell a story so much better in so many details.

Although it sounds all fine and dandy there are disadvantages to this, but they can be overcome if you’re ready to invest in creating video content.

Among the main cons of videos is that they take a lot of time and resources. You need to have an idea about the video, equipment, setting, people, etc. And after it has been shot it has to be edited properly.

Luckily, nowadays there are so many tools and platforms to help you easily create videos using templates and endless editing options. They’re definitely worth spending a certain amount of money on them. Of course, before making such a decision use the free trials first to be sure which platform is the right fit for you.

  • Use affiliate programs and influencers

Although affiliates and influencers differ in certain aspects of their jobs, their main common goal is to increase sales for the people they work with.

Affiliate programs are already well-known and commonly used to boost sales. They’ve proven to be very beneficial for all types of businesses. Generally speaking, they use people who promote and refer products and services in exchange for payment, discounts, special offers, etc.

Affiliates usually develop their specific niche where their network works best. And then they use their specific methods to promote your product such as social media, SEO, content marketing, etc.

Influencers on the other hand gravitate towards a more long-term relationship with the company. They are not so openly sales driven, but rather work more on brand awareness. Influencers have their audience and a relationship with which they’ve worked hard on. So it’s very important to them to continue this relationship throughout their collaboration with you.

Influencers’ main method of promoting your brand is social media. They provide regular content regarding your product/service which engages their audience and provides more revenue for the business. Influencers are usually paid flat fees, per post or sometimes even given free products.

So, make sure you get well-acquainted with both of these online marketing methods and decide which one would work best for your company. Then make sure to find the right people to promote your brand. There are now agencies that can match specific businesses to specific influencers and make sure that the collaboration works.

Don’t just assume that satisfied customers go around and talk about your business. Make sure to spread the word!

  • Feeling prepared to start growing

We hope that the tips and tricks we’ve outlined for you will get you thinking about online ways in which you can improve your business. It’s not an easy task to embark upon but knowing what your company needs is only one-half of the problem. The other part is knowing where to look for that and what tools, platforms, and services to use to make it happen.

This article tries to provide exactly that. It equips you with the knowledge of how to use online methods to upgrade your business.

So don’t just wait for things to happen, start changing them one step at a time.

Iskra Stojanovska has been an English teacher for more than 13 years now. She is also a freelance translator, interpreter, and university professor for both. She’s currently looking for a career change and other ways in which she can make use of her knowledge of English.

Content writing is a definite choice.

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