5 Really Cool Tips to Make Your Spotify Experience Better

5 Really Cool Tips to Make Your Spotify Experience Better

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December 15, 2022
Last modified on September 6th, 2023

These days everyone is listening to music on Spotify. However, barely anyone knows about all the tips to truly use Spotify to the best of its ability. Spotify has various features that are not very well known. As a result, it’s good to figure out these tips and then use them to gain a better music listening experience.

Spotify has millions and millions of songs from around the world, but it also has a lot of personalization options to give a unique experience. Additionally, improved and newer features and tips are always being added to improve the app. As a creator, you also have a variety of features and tricks to help increase your fanbase on Spotify.

5 Cool Tips to Make Your Spotify Experience Better

5 Really Cool Tips to Make Your Spotify Experience Better

Whether you are a new user or a veteran at streaming, we have rounded up 5 of our favorite tips to help you get the best sound quality and improve your listening experience.

  • Enhance the quality:

Music lovers who want an immersive listening experience will appreciate Spotify’s ability to stream music.  High, Normal, and Very High are all options you may choose from when it comes to streaming quality. You may adjust the quality to Low if you want to conserve data.

While using Spotify on a mobile device, you also have the option to adjust the sound quality based on the network you’re using. For those who have restricted bandwidth, the option to change the audio quality for cellular/Wi-Fi streaming is another important feature. If you’re a Spotify user who likes to download music to listen to them later, be careful to adjust the quality of the downloads.

  • Add local files:

The streaming music service Spotify is one of the greatest in the market today. Although it offers millions of tracks, no music service can have everything. Many artists are now missing from Spotify’s collection due to an unfulfilled agreement with Warner Music India. The good news is that if you can’t locate a certain song or album on the streaming service, you don’t have to worry since you can add it yourself from your offline collection.

You can add songs from your computer’s music collection that Spotify does not already contain. Open Spotify’s settings and make sure that the option “Show audio files from this device” is on to access local audio files. This will allow you to have easy access to any song from any artist you want.

  • Group sessions:

Spotify Premium subscribers can participate in a “group session” to listen to music or podcasts together. Although it is in Beta, you can listen to music with your friends in a new group session. Click the Connect icon in the lower-left corner of the play screen to begin a group session. Your friends can join the session by sending this URL to them.

Up to five people can participate in a single session, all of whom can hear the same piece of music.  Once the queue is set up, everyone may use it to halt playback, skip to a certain song, choose a song, or add their own.

  • Private listening:

In most cases, the Friend Activity feature on Spotify allows everyone who follows you to see what you’re listening to. You can start a Private Session if you don’t want anybody else to know what you’re listening to.

The Small Business Blog added another advantage of private listening is that it prevents you from mucking up your Spotify Wrapped playlists. A Private Session can’t influence the music you get thereafter. Just go to the settings panel and press on the Private Session button.

  • Create and organize playlists:

5 Really Cool Tips to Make Your Spotify Experience Better

An effective approach to keeping track of all of your songs is to create a playlist specifically for them. Go to the ‘Your Library’ playlist category to start a new one. Start a new playlist by tapping the music symbol with a plus sign on it or by tapping ‘Edit’ and then ‘Create’. As a creator, you can increase your fanbase on Spotify by making playlists of your music.

The problem is that when you have a large number of playlists, it might be difficult to grasp. Creating a folder with the identical name of a parent playlist is the most straightforward solution to this issue. To help with this organizing issue, you can pin your most used playlists to the top.


Spotify can be improved in many ways, most of which are unknown to the general public. Even though these tips might be unknown, they are quite easy to use. We have compiled a list of 5 tips that will definitely be useful to you. They will help improve your overall experience.

Some of these tips will also help you get more control over your streaming. Artists will just buy Spotify plays to help improve their following. However, you can increase your fanbase on Spotify in more organic ways by improving your music quality and the listening experience of your followers.

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