What To Do With Your Belongings When You’re Downsizing

What To Do With Your Belongings When You’re Downsizing

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Lifestyle, Published On
May 24, 2022

It is no secret that homeownership can be a major financial commitment. Not only do you have to worry about the mortgage, but you also have to worry about property taxes, homeowners insurance, and all of the other associated costs that come with owning a home. One way to help offset some of those costs is to downsize. Selling your current home and buying a smaller one can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, you may find that you have some belongings that you’re not ready to throw out but don’t have space for at home. The good news is that there are solutions available. Read on if you want to know what to do with your belongings when you’re downsizing.

What should you do with your belongings when you’re downsizing?

If you’re downsizing, it’s a good idea to rent a storage unit for any belongings that you can’t fit in your home. This can include furniture, holiday decorations, and even clothing. There are mini storage units if you only have a few items to store and larger units that are as big as a two-car garage. You can ask the storage facility about what storage options they have available before you make a reservation. Measure your items before you decide which unit to reserve. You don’t want to spend more money than you have to on an oversize unit or find that you can’t fit everything inside your unit because it isn’t large enough.

When putting your belongings in storage, remember to stay organized and label everything. This will make it easier for you to find what you need when you need it and it will also help minimize the amount of time needed to unpack if you ever decide to move your belongings back into your home. You can use different colors of stickers or markers to indicate which room the item belongs in, write brief descriptions of what each box contains, or use some other type of organizational system.

There are several ways you can dispose of any items that you are ready to part with. You can hold a garage sale, sell them online, or even donate them. When selling your stuff, you can either handle sales yourself or bring them to some type of consignment shop, though when you choose the latter the store will often take a percentage of the sale. You can also take them to a donation center or mail them to a donation service that operates online. When you donate anything to a charity, package it carefully so it remains clean and in good condition.

How else can you keep your home organized?

It’s important for homeowners to deep clean at least once every few months in order to keep their homes looking and functioning their best. A deep clean involves tackling all of the areas of your home that you don’t normally clean on a regular basis. This can include the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the windows, the furniture, and the appliances. Deep cleaning your home can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end. Your home will look and smell better and you’ll also be able to get rid of any built-up dirt or dust that may be causing allergy attacks.

Additionally, you can try to create more storage space in your home. You can do this by adding cabinets and shelves or buying furniture that has hidden storage compartments. Remember that there are some items you shouldn’t store at home if you can’t provide a climate-controlled environment. For example, delicate fabrics can be ruined if they are stored in a damp and humid place. Leather can also be damaged by humidity, as well as extreme changes in temperature. If you are not able to store your items in a climate-controlled environment, you may want to consider using a storage unit.

Downsizing is a great way to declutter your home and make more space, but it can be difficult to know what to do with belongings that you don’t want anymore. Fortunately, you have several options to choose from. If you’re not ready to throw the items away, you should look into renting a storage unit. If you do want to dispose of them, selling them or arranging to donate them are the easiest choices. Make sure you keep your space clean and organized, even after you finish the downsizing process. You’ll always have a more functional home environment when you keep your house neat and tidy.

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