Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: What Should You Do?

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: What Should You Do?

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September 23rd, 2023

You cannot visit the website if you see the rare ‘your IP has been temporarily blocked’ error. You may have tried to log in too many times or posted content not permitted by the site’s administrators, which could cause this error to appear.

We have temporarily turned off your IP address

A device’s IP address enables it to connect to the internet and communicate with other devices. Your device may be unable to visit a specific website if a network server has blocked your IP address. The obstruction is only short-term and may remain for up to a day. How to tell if your IP address has been banned from a specific website: Verify that you are temporarily blocked by accessing the site from a different device. If the other device can access the site, your IP has been blocked, but not the first.

My IP address is being blocked why?

Is that why you’re getting a blocked IP message? Some of the causes for this include:

  • Most websites have restricted trial periods when signing up for an account. The website will block your IP address immediately if you exceed the limit. This is how websites protect themselves against hackers.
  • You cannot view a website if your current location is on a list of countries from which access has been disabled.
  • Recurrent error response codes Your IP address will be blocked if you repeatedly receive error response codes such as 403.
  • If you break the rules of a website by, for example, publishing illegal material, the site’s firewall or system may ban your IP address.
  • Because your actions appear suspicious, the website has blocked your IP address.
  • Problems with cookies occur when a browser cannot identify a user’s presence on the servers.
  • Scanning for open ports is a red flag since hackers frequently employ this tactic to gain unauthorized access to systems and data. 
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How to get back on track if your ip has been temporarily blocked?

Hold On For Now 

Multiple failed login attempts within 24 hours will result in a ban. After the 24 hours have passed, you can attempt logging in again. The website’s terms and conditions may also be consulted for further clarification.

Join a Different Wireless Network

Switching to a different Wi-Fi network is something you could try. When you join a new wireless network, your IP address will change. This can be an easy way to get back into the website’s restricted area.

Determine the Source of the Blockage.

Determining why your IP was blocked is the first step in fixing the problem. Remember that various factors may have contributed to the clog, necessitating multiple approaches. For instance, a barrier imposed by a country’s regulations will require a different approach than one caused by a violation of the rules. Checking if you’ve broken the site’s rules is also essential. To verify this, look for a link to the site’s policies in the footer.

Verify whether You Have a Blacklisted IP Address

Websites often employ public IP blacklists to discourage hackers and spammers from abusing their services. To determine if your IP address has been blocked, go to WhatIsMyIPAddress and select Check IP Address. You can check whether your IP address is already in these databases since it is automatically filled in. 

Utilize a proxy server

A proxy server is an excellent alternative to save money on something other than a VPN service. A proxy server is a server that sits between a person and the website or page they are trying to access on the internet. The proxy protects your anonymity and freedom by masking your IP address. Remember that many online services are well aware of proxy servers and will automatically block any traffic coming from a public proxy server’s IP address. If they catch you, they’ll send you an error message saying, “The owner of this website has banned your IP address.” Remember that you should never enter sensitive information when using a proxy server.

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Conduct a Malware Scan

When your IP address is temporarily restricted, running antimalware software on your computer is essential. If hackers access your computer, it will be used in spam or DoS assaults. That being said, there is a good chance you will be barred again even if you wait 24 hours and your ban is lifted. Start, then enter “security,” and then select “Windows Security” to launch a system scan. Finally, select the Virus & threat protection option.


In conclusion, multiple solutions to the “Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked” problem exist. Finding the root of the problem before attempting to overcome it is crucial. Waiting it out, scanning for malware, contacting the site’s administrator, restarting your router, utilizing a virtual private network, disabling proxy servers, and deleting your browser’s cache are all options for resolving the issue. You may wish to consult an expert if you keep having problems reaching the location.

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