How To Use XResolver?

How To Use XResolver?

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July 6, 2023

xResolver is a web-based tracker that keeps track of online games’ IP addresses. The players’ names are used by xResolver to get these IP addresses. The X in this online database’s name stands for the Xbox game system. It can still be used with other game systems, though. Because of this, it is also sometimes called the PlayStation resolver or Xbox resolver. Let’s learn everything we can about xResolver.

What Is xResolver?

Online gamer IP addresses are stored in xResolver, a web-based database. The IP addresses of the players are retrieved by xResolver from their user names. The X in the name of this data repository stands for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system. But it can also function with other game systems. Therefore, it is also known as PS3 resolver and Xbox 360 resolver.

Top Features Of xResolver?

Getting the coordinates of a place With Resolver, you can find out where your opponent is. It lets you do this with its IP-finding service. This is one of the most important things about the player’s IP address. So, this is the most exciting thing about it.

Putting a person’s IP address on a blacklist

Blacklisting is one of the most essential tools of resolver that you can buy individually. With this feature, your opponents won’t be able to see your personal information or IP address. No matter how tech-savvy they are, they can’t find your personal information.

IP Logger

You can make your links with Resolver. If you send these links to people, you can get their IP addresses. With these customised links, you can get information about your computer and where you are. The IP logger gives the resolver more features and helps find the “Incognito” mode.

Gamertag Resolver and PSN username

Resolver has excellent features and functions that work well with Xbox and PlayStation. This set of tools makes getting information about IP numbers more accessible. You don’t have to look for bots on the internet to look into Gamertags and usernames. It makes things much easier and more handy because it has artificial intelligence built into it.

Interface and Functions That Are Easy to Use

The way resolver works is easy to understand. You can quickly find out the IP address of your opponent. It’s also easy to find a Gamertag.

How To Use xResolver?

The excellent IP grabber tool’s intuitive interface is its most striking feature, followed closely by its rock-solid dependability. A person’s IP address or Gamertag can be looked for in the following ways:

  1. Navigate to the database’s main page.
  2. Choose between an Xbox resolver and a PS4 resolver on the left side of the screen.
  3. The next step is to enter the Gamertag in the corresponding IP address field. Alternatively, you can enter the IP address in the IP Address to Gamertag field to do a reverse lookup.
  4. Resolution is the last action. After entering your data, the database will quickly return the answer.

Top Alternates to xResolver

Remember that resolver is a subscription-based service that charges a monthly fee. There are no cost substitutes available for this service. Expect poor service and other technical concerns if you go with the free options. All possible substitutes for resolver are listed below.

  • Xbox One Booter:

Xbox One Booter:

Xbox IP grabbers are used when knowing the identity is more critical than preventing assaults. However, if you want to defeat your rival, you can do so with the help of a specialized tool like Xbox One Booter. It’s able to launch layer four and layer sever assaults. If you’re looking for an IP capturing service, this one can help you find the user’s location and login credentials. The only downside is that it can only be used with Xboxer, but for no cost, it’s still a good offer.

  • PS4 Booter:

PS4 Booter

The other player’s IP address will be retrieved. If you’re in the mood for some friendly competition, you may even utilise the tool to harass your foe and get him to disconnect. Like its predecessor, this IP booter is provided for free by its creator. One advantage that PS4 Booter and Xbox One Booter share over similar tools that let users boot each other offline is their relatively high level of notoriety.

  • OctoSniff :


It can track down gamers’ IP addresses on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other platforms. Like that of resolver, its widespread use is arguably its greatest strength. Users benefit from its widespread adoption since it is accessible, requires little training, and is well-documented. The application provides various search criteria, including a geo IP finder, packet filters, and an IP-to-username conversion feature. Looking up relevant users is also helpful for DDoS defense. It’s not without cost, but there’s a demo available before you commit to the paid version.

  • Lanc Remastered PCPS:

Lanc Remastered PCPS

This app is a substitute for a resolver. Its primary function is to use tens of thousands of automated programs to harvest the Internet Protocol addresses of other players. Please learn more about a group of gamers by looking up their Gamertags and usernames. It’s free to use across all supported platforms. Look up details on PS4 and Xbox One players. Users prefer this product over competing solutions because of its exceptional dependability. The developer has taken care to implement a robust mechanism for data scraping.


Is it Legal to Use Xresolver?

The Xresolver programme allows the use of scraping bots. Getting someone’s IP address is not against the law anywhere, not even in the USA.

Ways to use Xbox’s Xresolver?

The Xbox’s IP address may be discovered with the help of Xresolver. In this case, AI bot engines are employed to scrape websites for IP address-related data.

Just where does Xresolver get its IP addresses from?

Xresolver may collect Gamertags, which can then be used to resolve IP addresses. They include a built-in utility for ARP scanning, port scanning, and tracking position.

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