The Struggles of a Working Parent: How to Make Both Ends Meet

The Struggles of a Working Parent: How to Make Both Ends Meet

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In How To, Published On
April 15, 2021
Last modified on April 19th, 2021

As a mother of two kids, one being a six-month-old and one being a four-year-old, my daily struggles lie in managing my time between my children and my career. Our present situation demands both parents to work to make both ends meet for our families. A study conducted by the Australian Government Institute of Family Studies showed that working couples with children aged eighteen and below has constantly increased. While in our minds, we know that our priority must be childcare and our children’s early development, this is, most often than not, sacrificed due to our job demands and our families’ growing financial needs.

An established childcare centre revesby can address the growing demand for facilities where parents can leave their children in a secure place while at work. While these are of great help, what should we do to show our children a meaningful presence despite the limited time we spend with them after work?

The Struggles of a Working Parent: How to Make Both Ends Meet

#1. Play

We hear this quite a lot, but do we recognise the importance of play in early childhood development? Not only that it helps our children develop communication, but it is a great way to practice their decision-making, problem-solving skills, and leadership. My first-born, who is a 4-year-old, loves to do pretend play. I remember when I took him to a bath, he was pretending that his dog-toy was drowning; he immediately said, “Mom! Marshall is drowning! I am on my way! And he picked up his ball and threw it to the basin and shouted, “Marshall, hold on tight to this ball! To my amazement, I did not realise I was playing the role of Marshall as the drowning dog.

It was just a five-minute moment with my son. But it was genuine. It was happy. It was exclusive for us. Our children do not measure how much time we spend on them, but how we spend it with them. Spend those simple moments with them and enjoy.

#2. Limit those gadgets away

With the advent of technology, many of us resorted to using gadgets in parenting, especially when we need to extend our work at home. I do not deny doing it, especially for my toddler. But what I do is limit the screen time and still try to engage in communication with my son as much as possible, even in front of the TV. A simple conversation could be, “Son, I like that attitude of Ryan! He was nice just like you!” and my son would say, “Yeah, I like Ryan too!”. Not only do I acknowledge that my son is starting to establish his preferences, but I was also able to reiterate the good behaviour I observed in what we were watching.

#3 Remember that they are not children forever.

What makes me cherish those simple moments with my children is always keeping in mind that time flies fast and that they are not children for a lifetime. They will soon outgrow my lap, and in the future, it will be I who will be asking for their attention. Those thoughts break my heart; at the same time, it makes me linger on the time we spend together and make it the best short moments possible.

So, enrolling your child in a childcare centre revesby should not be a distressing experience for you. You should instead feel good about it because, as a parent, we only want the best for our children and childcare centres complement our strategies as parents to achieve the optimal development of our little ones.

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