How To Use Craiyon AI?

How To Use Craiyon AI?

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July 11, 2023

A lot of websites and services that use AI can make pictures and artwork based on what you say. Craigion is a site you might want to try. The free version of Craiyon on the web will make art, pictures, and photos based on the words you give. The paid versions don’t have ads and work faster because of that. You can also get a Craiyon app for your Android phone or computer.

Boris Dayma, a developer, made Craiyon as a free AI tool that can turn words into images. Craiyon has improved both internally and with help from the open-source community. Craiyon doesn’t just make new pictures; it also has a library of images that you can use to help with your searches. The site used to be called DALL-E mini, but OpenAI asked for the name to be changed because it was too close to the name of its own DALL-E picture creator.

How to begin using Craiyon AI

Craiyon AI

Go to the site for Craiyon

Go to the Craiyon page to get started. You can make a free account, but you might want to try the site out first without making an account.

Describe how you look

Type a description of what you want the picture to look like. You can also use bad words to tell your question to leave out certain things. Pick the kind of picture you want to see: art, a drawing, or a photo. Take a moment before you send your question. It can be hard to put into words what you want to see. The results will be accurate and good based on how you say it and what words you use.

Craiyon tells you to choose the style that you are most interested in. But you can also try different terms like “illustration,” “photorealistic,” and “high definition.” Also, you could join the Craiyon group on Discord to talk with other users and look for pictures that others have asked for before.

Generate results

After you’ve put in your description and picked a style, click the Draw button. With the free plan, the picture might not show up for a minute or more. In answer, Craiyon shows thumbnails of a few of the photos.

Choose a picture

If you click on a picture you like, it will get bigger. Click the “Upscale” button to try to improve the quality and clarity. You can save it as a PNG file by clicking the Screenshot button.

Try a different question

If you click on the picture, you’ll go back to the list of pictures to see all the findings. Below the pictures, Craiyon may offer a different question to help you fine-tune or change the results. Click the Try this one button if you think the new question is worth a shot. If you need to, change the question, and then click the Draw button.

See what’s new

A new set of pictures is made, and you can choose the one you like to enlarge or save. You will also be given a new challenge that you can change and try again.

Look at the pictures you like

Now go the “Sign up” button at the top. This will let you keep track of the pictures that are taken. Click the heart icon on a picture to save it. After you’ve saved one or more pictures, click “Account” at the top of the page and choose “My Collection” from the drop-down menu.

If you want, buy a T-shirt with your favourite picture on it

Craiyon will sell you a t-shirt with your favourite picture on it for $26. This will help you make money and give you some cool stuff. To do this, open a picture and click the Print on a T-shirt button. Confirm the picture, pick a light or dark style, and then click “Buy.” Make sure the size is right and place your order.

How to use the app for Android?

You can also play Craiyon on an Android phone or tablet if you don’t want to use the website. You can get acces to the site from Google Play and install it. If you’ve created an account, log in to it. The app works the same way from there as the website. Type a description of the picture you want, pick a style, and then tap Draw. If you tap on a picture in the list of results, you can see a bigger version of it. You can then make it bigger, download it to your device, or try a different command.

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