How to Smell Good Naturally All the Time? 

How to Smell Good Naturally All the Time? 

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October 29, 2022

Do you start to stink ten minutes after taking a shower? Smelling good always adds to your confidence and makes you feel nice. You never shy away from hugging people or sitting closer to them. However, your confidence goes out the window when you smell, especially when someone points that out.

Smelling fresh has no rocket science behind it, but few people know how to crack the code. However, we know exactly what you need to do to keep the nasty smell out of your pits. Dive right into the article to learn about some tried and tested ways!

Tips to Smell Good All the Time

No matter how expensive perfumes you buy, it’s hard to camouflage if you have a strong body odour. You must follow a few strategies to get rid of the smell fully. In this section, we will go over those strategies. Here you go:

  • Shower the Right Way

Shower the Right Way

Most people take a quick shower without even rinsing their bodies properly. If you want to get rid of body odour, it is essential to wash your body properly and also clean your hair. Try to get a luffa sponge that exfoliates the body nicely and removes dirt and grime.

Use a scented body wash as it adds a natural scent to your body. Exfoliate underarms, behind the knees and other joints well. If you can, use body scrubs as they deeply clean sweat and dirt, leaving you smelling nice.

  • Apply Deodorant the Right Way

Apply Deodorant the Right Way 

Using deodorant is not enough; applying it properly is the key to smelling good. If you want your deodorant to last longer, apply it on clean underarms. If you don’t have the time to shower, use a wet wipe or tissue to clean the sweat.

One of the apple cider vinegar health benefits is that you can use it as an antibacterial. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water, dip a cotton pad, and clean your armpits. It helps in killing bacteria and brightening underarms with time. After cleaning your underarms, apply a nice layer of deodorant and wait for it to dry before wearing your clothes.

  • Use the Layering Technique

You are missing out if you are unaware of the scent layering technique. Many brands have perfume-scented lotions; invest in them. They have a stronger smell and are also one of the biggest components in the layering technique.

Buy a set of body wash, body lotion and body spray of the same scent. After showering using the body wash, apply the same scent lotion and body spray. The layering technique works quite well to lock in the smell and lasts all day.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) bath eliminates the stubborn smell and treats multiple skin issues. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your bathtub. Ensure the water is hot as it helps relax you and kill bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar bath benefits include treating skin eczema, getting rid of body odour, strengthening skin, etc. You can take an ACV bath once a week to smell fresh and treat skin issues. The antioxidants in the tub also help brighten your skin and make it look hydrated.

  • Add Scented Pouch to your Cupboard

Add Scented Pouch to your Cupboard 

The smell of your clothes also has a lot to do with how you smell throughout the day. Using scented detergents can make your clothes smell good, but the scent vanishes quickly. However, you can use scented pouches from a grocery store.

Scented pouches help your clothes absorb the scent making them smell fresh; you can also spray your favourite perfume on the bag to create a unique scent. Keep it in your underwear drawer if you don’t want to put a scented pouch in your cupboard.

  • Use Hair Perfume

Most of us have greasy hair that starts to smell only after a day of washing them. You cannot wash your hair every day, but you can still make them smell good. Hair perfumes are great for making your hair smell fresh, even dirty.

You can directly spray hair perfume on your hair or your hairbrush to infuse it properly. Avoid using body perfume on your hair, as it can make them brittle and grey. Many brands have nice-smelling hair products as well, such as dry shampoos. You can use those products if you are uncomfortable with hair perfume.

Final Verdict

Smelling good can enhance your personality tenfold, making you even more attractive. You don’t need expensive perfumes to smell the best. However, you need to know the techniques to make the scent last longer. We hope this article will help you eliminate foul body odour and smell fresh all day, regardless of the season.

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