How to find your next authentic travel ?

How to find your next authentic travel ?

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May 10th, 2024

Travel Differently offers authentic travel in South America while being committed to local communities and the planet! Thanks to their regional partners, they offer 100% unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

How to find your next authentic travel ?

Travel Differently is an eco-friendly travel agency! They collaborate with local guides who share their beliefs to provide accurate and sustainable travel that fulfills your dreams.

They will make your trip the most memorable one possible with the aid of their local partners (ecolodges, tour guides). They provide a brand-new, futuristic travel experience prioritizing respect for sustainable development.

Some figures: authentic travel and sustainable tourism!

How to find your next authentic travel ?

A Booking Study (2021) found that 72% of passengers believe that sustainable tourism alternatives are the best way to save the environment.

Additionally, 71% of respondents desire more environmentally conscious travel options!

Moreover, according to the UNWTO, less than 5% of the world’s land mass is home to 95% of all tourists.

Thus, it is clear that there are two issues:

  • Travelers desire to take action but lack options, particularly in South America!
  • Most agencies suggest the exact locations, resulting in well-known mass tourism!

Why book your trip with Travel Differently?

How to find your next authentic travel ?

Travel Differently makes it easier to plan vacations to developing countries often viewed as unsafe on the other side of the planet. Their 24-hour concierge service enables their customers to travel without worry before, during, and after their vacation.

  • Every excursion is created by a local!

Join locals who know where to go and how to stay safe as they take you to areas you couldn’t go alone.

  • Try a different kind of travel!

What if you could experience the journey of a lifetime while positively influencing the people and places you encounter?

  • Leave in peace!

Because all the logistics are taken care of, you can show up and enjoy a fantastic time in the wild with good friends.

Why is it essential to Travel Differently?

How to find your next authentic travel ?

Why do we need to travel differently? Should we change the point of view of the majority of passengers? What if we saw tourism from a different perspective? What if the promotion of tourists was meant to help the local economy?

Travel Differently’s mission is to change perspectives and make travel a constructive force. For society’s good, our consumption and usage patterns will inevitably change now!

With authentic travel options and advice, Travel Differently may help you to:

  • Avoid visiting tourist attractions
  • Choose local rather than large companies to reasonably return the wealth to the local communities!

To stop traveling may not be for tomorrow, but not adding sustainable actions when traveling is to give up acting for the planet!

Authentic travel comes with sustainable travel.

How to find your next authentic travel ?

Travel Differently’s target market is ethical travelers who want to avoid mass tourism, disregard the environment, and exploitation of local communities.

They intend to suggest that taking a different route will make things better!

Their responsibilities include the following:

  • To go off-the-beaten path: to find 100% unique locations far from the crowd.
  • To act morally means to respect people, and responsible travel falls under this category: They suggest going to these groups to get to know them, learn about their histories and customs, remain with them, and help these local communities survive.
  • Leave No Trace is inspired by limiting all footprints: The goal is to respect the locations visited and leave nothing behind.

Don’t hesitate to book your next trip with Travel Differently!

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