How to Create an Eye-Catching Conference Stand

How to Create an Eye-Catching Conference Stand

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April 28th, 2024

When setting up a stand at a conference, creating an eye-catching display is vital to attracting more people to your area. You need to focus on the materials you hand out to visitors and the message you want to relay on the day, but you should also pay attention to the surroundings of your trade show booth. After all, any space not used to market your product or service is wasted space.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Conference Stand

Here are a few tips to help you draw attention to your conference stand and engage more visitors.

  • Let Your Walls Tell a Story

Anyone who has set up a display stand at a conference, trade show, or convention knows that space is precious, so making the most of your surroundings is essential. Rather than spending hours devising a spiel that can only be heard by visitors who stop at your stand, why not let your walls do the talking instead? It is difficult enough to get people to stop and listen to what you have to say, so make the most of the walls around your booth and put them to good use.

Your wall space is at eye level for conference visitors, making it a valuable space to draw attraction to your service or product. Using conference print materials, such as beautifully designed wall graphics, you can convey a message without opening your mouth. In addition to telling your story, you can use wall graphics to display company details, hashtags and QR codes. Not to mention, high-quality wall graphics can be reused in the future for other promotional purposes.

  • Make the Most of the Floor

It can be challenging to capture the attention of conference-goers. Not only are you competing with other businesses for attention, but many visitors are also busy looking down at their phones and checking for messages. If you make the most of your conference floor space, you can send a message to visitors without forcing them to look up. Graphic flooring can distinguish your space from competitors and help you create the right vibe for your display stand.

  • Utilize Empty Space

Besides the wall and floor, you can attract attention by using the space above your stand. Hanging banners, inflatable mascots, and other lightweight decorations will help your booth stand out from across the hall and will help set you apart from your neighbours. In addition, they are an excellent idea for those given a small, awkward space, as you can leave the floor space clear for mingling and liaising with visitors.

  • Light Up Your Stand

Lighting can make or break the ambience of any space. Unfortunately, conference venues are often terrible for harsh overhead lighting. Create the right mood by using additional light fixtures to illuminate your display. Down-lit lights and recessed lighting can shine a spotlight on your service or product and help make your area feel more welcoming.

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