How To Play Hateno Village Location Totk?

How To Play Hateno Village Location Totk?

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Hateno Village is one of the busier villages in The Legend of Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom is a charming place to wander about. There are many people to talk to and many activities to partake in. It may be found in the Lanayru district in southeastern Hyrule. The southernmost point of Lake Sumac may be found within a short distance south of the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

Play Hateno Village Location Totk

The Necluda region is home to the farming community of Hateno.

The entrance to Hateno Village is located at coordinates 3282, -2140, and 0102 in the Necluda area between East Necluda and Mount Lanayru. Teebo, the gatekeeper’s son, may stop players and accuse them of acting suspiciously when they enter Hateno. Thankfully, he doesn’t pose a threat, and the gatekeeper’s greeting, “You’ve come to Hateno Village, home of fine produce and dyed goods!” ultimately makes its way out of his mouth. We’re on all the major fashion fronts, and our vegetables are top-notch.

The most significant Hylian settlement, Hateno Village, was historically famed for subsistence farming. Farming the land and following nature’s lead has provided the residents of Hateno Village with a peaceful, uncomplicated way of life for as long as anybody can remember. Cece left the hamlet long ago to hone her skills, became a famous fashion designer, and returned, unfortunately bringing hordes of visitors with her. The hamlet, formerly a sleepy farming settlement, has been swept by the Cece craze and has become “Fashion Central.”

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How To Play Hateno Village Location Totk

The coordinates for Hateno Village are (3608, 2163, 0176). The Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower is the best vantage point to glide to the settlement; otherwise, you’ll have to traverse many mountain ranges. It’s not a difficult trip, but it does take you quite some time to get there from Central Hyrule.

Some Interesting Facts

How To Play Hateno Village Location Totk

Hateno Village is full of exciting opportunities. There’s a place to stay, a general store, a place to get your clothing dyed, and a place to get some armor. After a little detour, you’ll reach the Hateno Pasture, where you may buy some delicious Hetana Cheese. In addition, there are many dwellings to investigate and individuals to meet.

Cece, a lady, and Reede, the mayor, play prominent roles in several adventures. In the primary story, they quarrel: Cece wants to move Hateno Village into the future, while Reede intends to commemorate the past. Several topics, including “A New Signature Food,” will be on the ballot when they hold an election to choose the next mayor. Reede and Cece have brief adventures in which you must learn their backstories.

In addition, the Travel Medallion and Hero’s Path upgrades for your Purah Pad may be unlocked by completing the optional adventure in the Hateno Village Research Lab and visiting Robbie’s Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Robbie’s laboratory is on a hill east of the main settlement. Zanmik Shrine is the closest shrine to the city, and it also serves as a handy teleport back to the metropolis in case you get lost.

Where is Hateno Village in Zelda: A Link to the Past?

Hateno Village is located in the farthest southeastern corner of Hyrule Kingdom, near the Necluda shoreline. Mount Lanayru, home to the Skyview Tower on top, is situated to the north. The Rabella Wetlsnda Skyview Tower and Mount Taran may be found to the southwest.

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When Is It Your Turn to Play?

How To Play Hateno Village Location Totk

Find “Tears of the Kingdom” manuals, guides, or official documentation. Video game producers frequently provide instructions for gameplay, controls, and objectives.

Examine the game’s built-in guides:

  1. If available, use”Tears of the Kingdom”‘s in-game tutorials and instructions for help with Hateno Village’s mechanics and goals.
  2. Forums and Tutorials for the Community
  3. Look into gaming communities online or fan-made instructions for “Tears of the Kingdom.”
  4.  Gamers may have discussed techniques and walkthroughs for specific zones, such as Hateno Village.
  5. Verify the real deal on Facebook and other social media.

For the latest news and information on how to get started at Hateno Village, check out the official ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ website or any of the linked social media outlets. When playing Hateno Village in “Tears of the Kingdom,” if you run into any problems or have any queries, you may want to contact the game’s support staff for help.


Please keep in mind that the details I present are accurate to the best of my knowledge as of January 2023. If “Tears of the Kingdom” is connected to a game or community initiative, the most up-to-date information may be found via consulting recent sources and community conversations.

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