How To Enable Microsoft Bing Chatbot Dark Mode

How To Enable Microsoft Bing Chatbot Dark Mode

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September 19, 2023

This tutorial will teach you how to switch to dark mode in Bing Chat and Search without installing any additional software. Google’s search engine product has long since established itself as the gold standard among search engines. One of the most difficult jobs would be to unseat Google from the top spot unless something truly groundbreaking came up.

Microsoft’s inclusion of Chat GPT in their search bar was a stroke of genius. While it will undoubtedly revolutionize the search industry in the years to come, for the time being, it won’t be able to replace standard search capabilities. Microsoft might spend less time on artificial intelligence and more time on other features that users of its Edge browser have been asking for.

What is Bing?

Who or what is Bing? Microsoft’s internal search engine is known as “Bing.” Beginning on June 3, 2009. The ancestors of the current service may be traced back to Microsoft’s earlier search offerings, such as MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. Internet, video, picture, and map searches are just some of the options offered by Bing.

Is there a nighttime mode on Bing?

No. There’s no other good search engine out there. However, there is a way to make your preferred web browser compatible with Bing Dark Mode (or Microsoft Bing Dark Mode, as it is currently known).

How to make Bing dark mode?

How to make Bing dark mode

The Night Mode functionality for your Bing Dark Mode website may be activated with the help of the free and Open-Source Turn Off the Lights browser extension. Night Mode is the name of the function that makes it possible to make any website you visit use your own Dark Theme. That your web browser search experience with Bing is pleasant. The option to turn off the lights is disabled by default but may be activated from the Options page. You can also get the same settings from the grey light button’s context menu by clicking it twice. It’s compatible with every major browser, too, so you can use it with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or even Microsoft Edge.

When Should You Use Bing’s Night Mode?

While it’s obvious that you should use a Dark Mode extension, doing so often breaks sites that already use Dark Mode [and manually adding websites to the extension’s whitelist would take forever]. Furthermore, not everyone may be eager to enable a browser extension from an unknown source. It’s easy to see why they might feel that way.

  • Fire up Edge and go to the address given below.
  • Then, press the Enter key after searching for “Dark Mode.”
  • Now you have to choose the “Auto Dark Mode from the Web Contents” option now.
  • Make sure Enabled is checked, and then click Relaunch.
  • After this, Dark Mode will be active in Edge going forward.

This is how you can switch to dark mode in Bing’s chat and search features without installing any additional software.

Install the free add-on to your browser to enable Bing’s dark mode

What is Bing

This Bing Night Mode variant may be installed on the desktop browser of your choice. That using the Add-on for Chrome and Firefox called Turn Off the Lights’ Night Mode.

Here are the measures to take to activate this free option in your browser:

  • Get the Lights Out! browser add-on today!
  • To access the settings menu, right-click the grey light bulb icon.
  • When the “Turn Off Lights” page loads, look for the Night Mode tab.
  • To make this page accessible in the dark, use the Night option or use the long-press function here.

In addition, you may alter the hues of the website’s theme, text, and links. That way, you can put your own spin on the night’s theme. And get the Bing Dark Mode your browser needs. The iOS software Turn Off the Lights for Safari may be downloaded to enable dark mode on a mobile device’s display. Therefore, a lengthy press on the current web page will activate it. You can find the option to turn the lights off with a long press of the switch on the Turn Off the Lights Options page, under the Night Mode tab. Get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions on how to further refine this open-source and totally free browser add-on. Use this form on the left to submit a support request at any time.

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