Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote: A Guide

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote: A Guide

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September 24, 2023

The anticipated Bigg Boss Tamil show begins in October. After five successful seasons, Kamal Hasan hosts the sixth. Post-show, viewers can vote for their favourite participant. Online voting via Hotstar or a missed call to the contestant’s channel-issued phone are both options. There will be one common candidate in Bigg Boss Tamil S6, which features mostly TV and cinema actors. S6 returns with a new top sixteen contestant. Indian Vijay TV’s next reality programme is Bigg Boss Tamil Vote. S1–S3 was hosted by superstar Kamal Hasan. S6 vote, online voting, missed calls, and voting today are back.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote: Online Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is an S6 reality programme voting activity. Without this most renowned and contentious programme, “Bigg Boss Tamil,” which has assumed a new shape on Disney + Hotstar, the reality game will be lacking. They add debatable material to dull times to make it fascinating. In addition to its drawbacks, this show teaches life lessons, unlike reel movies. The psychological host, Kamal Hassan, started this inspiringly, as usual. Contestants were picked from the last 5 seasons, omitting champions.

Voting Process for Bigg Boss Google

  • Google “Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote” or “voting”.
  • Tamil vote competitors appear in Google results.
  • If not, sign in to Gmail and start step 1.
  • Choose a Bigg Boss Tamil Vote competitor to rescue you from eviction.
  • Cast your vote and submit.

Hotstar App voting: how?

Hotstar App voting: how?

  1. Enter your phone number or email to open Hotstar. Click the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 banner.
  2. The Bigg Boss Tamil page will display a ‘vote’ button below the banner.
  3. The vote button displays nominated candidates. Select and vote for the participant.
  4. Each participant can save 50 votes every day through email and a cellphone number.

Hotstar and online voting allow 50 votes each day, while mobile voting allows 10. Mobile numbers are below.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote Winners

The official Bigg Boss Tamil winners are listed below.

  • Season 1 – Aarav
  • Season 2 – Riythvika
  • Season 3 – Mugen Rao
  • Season 4 – Arjunan
  • Season 5 – Raju Jeyamohan
  • Season 7 – TBA

How is elimination done?

  1. A competitor with fewer votes than the other will be rejected each week.
  2. This week’s elimination stage includes contestants 1–4.
  3. Contestant 3 is eliminated with low votes if all other candidates obtain greater votes.
  4. Rejected competitors can’t survive in the house. They’ll leave with luggage.

Google Voting for Bigg Boss Tamil

Follow these methods to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil on Google:

  • Step 1: Start with Google.
  • Step 2:  Search “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Online Vote” or “Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote.”.
  • Step 3: Google will show you Bigg Boss Tamil 6’s weekly nominees.
  • Step 4: Select a contender from the list.
  • Step 5: Click “register vote” after choosing your contestant.

This is one Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 vote. We also covered the official Bigg Boss Tamil voting methods. Continue reading.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote Missed Call Voting

A missed call to a number lets Bigg Boss Tamil 6 viewers vote for their favourite candidate. Follow these procedures to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil by missing a call.

How is elimination done?

A competitor with fewer votes than the other will be rejected each week.

  • This week’s elimination stage includes contestants 1–4.
  • Contestant 3 is eliminated with low votes if all other candidates obtain greater votes.
  • Rejected competitors can’t survive in the house. They’ll leave with luggage.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote Live Status Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Final Eviction results will be disclosed on Sunday’s Kamal Hassan episode; however, because filming is concluded over the weekend, they may be leaked before the show airs. Vijay Television will broadcast the Bigg Boss Tamil Final participants’ live vote counts. Vijay TV will regularly reveal Bigg Boss Tamil vote numbers in a little box at the bottom of the screen. Elimination voting has not yet begun. Join us on Facebook for updates. Bigg Boss Tamil’s vote determines each week’s eviction, and viewers decide based on contestants’ performances.

Who wins Bigg Boss 6 Tamil votes?

Each Monday through Friday, Big Boss Tamil Vote polls online. According to Vijay TV, competitors with the lowest boss vote percentage would be eliminated. Kamal Hasan will give the Bigg Boss voting total, but not the individual votes. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 will crown the winner with the most votes. As of now, Aari Arjuna has fans and detractors.


Who leads Bigg Boss 6 Tamil?

This week’s poll leader is shown. The top contender has the best chance of surviving.

How can I check my Tamil Bigg Boss vote?

Official Bigg Boss voting isn’t trackable. If you voted in Bigg Boss’ official voting, remember that it will be tallied. Bigg Boss Tamil’s voting page lets you check your vote.

Who owns Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss Tamil airs on Star Vijay TV and is owned by EndemolShine India.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants Pay?

Bigg Boss competitors’ salaries are private and fluctuate. No competitor’s salaries are known. Contestants cannot discuss their salaries. No one knows how much Bigg Boss Tamil competitors make.

Who voices Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss Tamil’s voice is unknown. There are rumours that Gokulnath is Big Boss Tamil’s voice, but nothing is confirmed. However, Navin Holadre was rumoured to voice Bigg Boss Tamil.

How do I join Bigg Boss Tamil?

A regular individual cannot join Bigg Boss Tamil. Only prominent people are invited to Big Boss Tamil. We will provide Bigg Boss Tamil audition information here.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 prize money?

Season 6 Bigg Boss Tamil prize money is 50 lakhs.

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