Everything You Should Know About Economy Linux Hosting With cPanel

Everything You Should Know About Economy Linux Hosting With cPanel

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Hosting, Updated On
April 16th, 2024

Over 96 percent of the top 1 million web servers on the Internet run Linux. If you want to set up a new website, you’ll likely use a Linux server.

Of course, you probably want to spend as little as possible on your hosting. Let’s look at what you need about economy Linux hosting with cPanel.

Everything About Economy Linux Hosting With cPanel

What Is Linux Hosting?

Linux is an operating system (OS) just like Windows or macOS. While it isn’t widely used on desktop PCs, it’s well-suited for a web server.

Linux is a Unix-like OS that’s free to use. This gives it all the networking power of Unix, but web hosting providers don’t have to pay to use it. They can offer Linux web hosting at an economical price.

What Is cPanel?

cPanel is the control panel for maintaining the webserver. It makes it easy to manage the various settings and configuration options.

Without a control panel, you must do everything from the terminal. You would need to either become a system admin or pay someone to do all the work.

Benefits Of Choosing an Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Plan

When looking at Linux hosting plans, several factors must be considered. Not all hosting providers offer the same features on their economy plans, so you should research before choosing.

  • Number of Websites You Can Host

Some plans allow you to host a single website, while others will enable you to host several. If you expect to build more than one, look for a plan offering multiple or unlimited sites, like the cPanel Deluxe plan from Domaincot.com.

  • One-Click Software Installation

If you plan to use WordPress or another web app on your website, look for a plan that offers one-click installation. This lets you install the software by clicking a link in cPanel rather than doing it all from the terminal.

  • Storage

The amount of storage varies from plan to plan. More storage means you can have more information on your website.

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If you expect to have a lot of images or videos on your site, you’ll need more storage space than you would for mostly text content.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that you send and receive every month. If your website gets a lot of traffic, it can use a lot of bandwidth.

Ideally, look for a plan that offers unlimited bandwidth. If traffic suddenly spikes, you won’t face costly overage fees.

  • Free Domain Registration

Register one to connect with your hosting if you don’t own your website domain name. Some hosting providers offer free domain registration with their hosting plans, saving you some money when you start.

Get Your Website Up and Running Today

Every business should have a website, and if you use economy Linux hosting with cPanel, you don’t have to spend a lot to get started. Choose a good hosting provider, and your website can be up and running before the end of the day.

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